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Help:Editer et redimensionner des images

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The FamilySearch Wiki encourages users to submit images that improve the content of the FamilySearch Wiki and are appropriate to the Wiki. Unfortunately, not all images are small enough to make them usable on the Wiki. Below are instructions on how to edit, re-size, and compress images so they will be more suitable to submit to the FamilySearch Wiki.

Editing Images[edit | edit source]

1. To use the basic IrfanView tool, visit, and download the free program.

2. Then the user will be able to locate and upload the photo that needs to be re-sized or edited.

3. Once the image appears online at IrfanView, click "Image" then "Resize/Resample..." on the toolbar.

4. This will open the resizing settings. Type in the new dimensions. The re-sized image will appear.

5. To complete the re-sizing of the image, save the image back to your computer.

6. After images have been resized and saved to your computer, you may télécharger des images et des fichiers.

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