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Washington Probate Records

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United States Probate RecordsGotoarrow.pngWashingtonGotoarrow.pngProbate Records

Probate Courts[edit | edit source]

In the territorial era, probate courts were established in each county to keep records of wills, bonds, orders, and the administrations of estates. When the superior courts succeeded the probate courts in 1891, all of the records of the clerks of the probate courts were transferred to the county clerk in each courthouse. Some probates were filed in the superior court.

The Family History Library has acquired copies of probate records for a few counties in Washington. However, they are also available at the various county courthouses, or the county may have transferred early records to the Washington State Archives at

Record Content[edit | edit source]

Account of Administrator (partial)

Links to Sample Images

Case File, 1891 (images 1-43; various documents)

Genealogical Facts in Probate Case Files

  • Name of testator or deceased
  • Names of heirs such as spouse, children, and other relatives or friends
  • Names of witnesses
  • Residence of testator
  • Lists of belongings, property, and so forth
  • Various documents
  • Recording dates
  • Sometimes the date of death

References[edit | edit source]

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NOTE: All of the information from the original research outline has been imported into the FamilySearch Wiki and is being updated as time permits.

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