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German pages[edit source]

Hi Lotje2,

Have removed the deletes from the topic pages as these pages will fill-up as needed. Thanks for the help but these pages need to be left so they can fill up when those with the knowledge come forward. Sandralpond 21:10, 15 July 2012 (UTC)

Thanks so much for responding. There is a special group of worker at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City who are specifically working on these Prussian pages and are building tem with these topic pages that are attached in this way. They will start filling them in as they build them. We have many groups in different parts of the world doing the same thing. Thanks for the info about other Wikis. We will forward this information to these teams. Sandralpond 23:26, 15 July 2012 (UTC)

Protected pages[edit source]

Protection removed so all can edit, Liberia, Angola and others. User who protected not available to explain. Sandralpond 21:36, 22 July 2012 (UTC)

Sorry working too fast. Is now open. Thank you for pointing these out. While we were changing the portals to un-portal these were protected and not returned. if you find any more please continue to point them out. Thanks again.Sandralpond 22:13, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

Swedish wiki[edit source]

Örebro, Sweden July 29, 2012.
Hi Lotje2,
Thanks for adding the templates to the Swedish wiki. They will be helpful in our future work with adding new and helpful articles/pages in the wiki for the Swedish language.

Image translation instructions[edit source]


I'm Dorothy Horan, the Supervisor of the User Guidance Unit. We create the Historical Records wiki articles. It is not necessary to submit image translations to support. Could you change that part of your page?  Historical Record images do not have to be approved by the wiki unit, as they are sample images that  come from the dital collections and have already been approved for publication. A translation of one of those images would never need to be sent to support. Please change your page. If you have any questions contact Janell Vasquez or myself.

I've asked the intern for our unit to add the messages back into the pages, but to add images from the specific pages into the discussion pages, so the intent will be clearer.

Dorothy Horan, User Guidance Supervisor 15:44, 9 November 2012 (UTC)

Hi Dorothy,
I created the page as an easy way to instruct users on how they can help to translate the sample images. Since many users, me included, do not have the ability to upload images (even sample images that have been approved for publication) it is not possible to simply tell users to upload them. Uploading can only be done by users with Reviewer or higher access rights. As a result, it is necessary for any user without upload rights that decides to help translate images to email them to someone who has the appropriate access rights.
Is there another email where the users without sufficient rights can submit the translated images?
Please feel free to alter any page I create, especially if you believe it to be incorrect.
P.S. I do not understand this statement at all "I've asked the intern for our unit to add the messages back into the pages, but to add images from the specific pages into the discussion pages, so the intent will be clearer."
Lotje2 02:18, 11 November 2012 (UTC)


Obviously you did not read any of my thoughts on the matter above.

Yes I did that. I publish the Ohio in the Civil War web site. NOTE: I have a copy right notice on all of my pages. I'm sure as you know it takes time and a lot of work to compile and set up information like this. I offer the information for free to any one on the internet. Common internet courtesy is to link to information sites like mine. It is not courteous to cut and paste my work into your web site! Links are great - stealing info is not!

I also have noted the following on all of the FamilySearch pages "Please note that all contributions to FamilySearch Wiki can be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. When creating content, please use public domain or similar free resources (see FamilySearch Wiki:Copyrights for details) or create original text. Do not submit copyrighted work without permission. Entries that violate copyright or other acceptable use policies will be deleted by FamilySearch Wiki administrators."

I have never given FamilySearch wiki permission to publish my info on their web site. I never will. But I offer up links to my site for FREE.

The main Wikipedia web site ( ) users honor the Copyright notices and I see no reason why FamilySearch wiki should have to resort to the cutting and pasting game.

As you see I have deleted all of my work. But I took the high road and provided a link to my work and cited it properly on your web site. I take great pains when I publish my info to provide links and proper credit to other web publishers. I only expect the same in return from other publishers.

If you will look closely there are a couple of pages where someone actually did original research on their own and published it. I did nothing to that info and left it intact. In fact, the info was somewhat different than mine. Again, I took the high road and added a link to my page to let researchers see both conclusions.

Again, I am in no way hostile to FamilySearch wiki. It is a great source for genealogists. I hope we can both work together agreeably in this cause.

Links are OK - Cutting and pasting has always been bad form and frowned upon and gives a organization a bad name. Where I come from that is blatant theft.

I really don't need to justify anything to you Lotje2 as you are intent on internet piracy. But I have one thing … I have specific permission from Mr. Ward to publish the information. I have scruples.

I actually have no problem with researchers and private genealogists using the info. But you people go way over the line stealing the info that I rightfully claim web copyright on. You steal the info and publish as your own web site. You are like parasites. Why are links not enough for you guys?

I have never given anyone from your organization permission to publish the information. I never will.

I only delete info that has been directly stolen from my website.

Again .. I say common internet courtesy is to link to information sites like mine. It is not courteous to cut and paste my work into your web site! Links to my site are fine - stealing info from my site for your publication is not!

You have stolen copyrighted info from my webpage for your publication. It is wrong. Links are freely given. It is theft. Links are fine, copying and pasting and content theft is not.

If this continues I will surely contact my lawyer.

Larry Stevens