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Articles Needing Locator Maps[edit | edit source]

South Africa, Civil Marriage Records - FamilySearch Historical Records

South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers - FamilySearch Historical Records

Argentina, Cemetery Records - FamilySearch Historical Records

Benin, Census, 2002 and 2013 - FamilySearch Historical Records

Malta, National Archives Collections - FamilySearch Historical Records

  • the map is tiny, hard to see

Malta, Rabat and Mdina, Catholic Church Records - FamilySearch Historical Records

  • the map is tiny, hard to see

Articles Needing A Lot of rebuilding or editing[edit | edit source]

Ivory Coast, Civil Registration - FamilySearch Historical Records

User:Rtilley/Sandbox/Brazil, Sao Paulo, Hospital Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)

User:Rtilley/Sandbox/Brazil, São Paulo, Osasco, Cemetery Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)

User:Rtilley/Sandbox/Portugal, Autonomous Region of Madeira, Passport Application Files, 1872-1975 (FamilySearch Historical Records)

User:Rtilley/Sandbox/Portugal, Braga, Civil Registration, 1911-1970 (FamilySearch Historical Records)

User:Rtilley/Sandbox/Portugal, Braga, Wills, 1612-1850 (FamilySearch Historical Records)

User:Rtilley/Sandbox/Portugal, District of Santarém, Municipal Records, 1829-1911 (FamilySearch Historical Records)

User:Rtilley/Sandbox/Portugal, District of Viana do Castelo, Municipal Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)

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