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1. Virtual Pedigree tutorial

2. Ron Ray's websites Eaglequestpro

3. Record Selection Table or Record Finder or

4. Removing duplicate Record Hints:

5. Friend - What Ordinances Should I Not Perform? Can I do temple work for a friend? not valid - create a case via get help

6. Living -Procedures for sealing living individuals to their deceased spouse, parents, or children

7. More Info - Name will not let temple ordinances clear—Needs more information

8. Merging – Cannot merge duplicate records in Family Tree

9. Membership -Information that you can see from LDS Church Membership Records about living Individuals

10. Membership record not showing for recently deceased member in Family Tree

11. Missing Ordinances - Ordinances are missing in Family Tree (Not displaying)

12. Membership - Membership record of deceased individual has missing or incorrect vital or other information ==

13. Ordinances are missing in Family Tree (Not displaying)

14. Ordinances performed out of order

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