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  My name is Caroline Wolfgramm Irwin.[edit | edit source]

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Family history - the stories from and of the past - has always been part of my life.  For years I thought my history was pretty simple, as far as ancestors go.  There were two countries that made me - well, me:  Germany and the south pacific island kingdom of Tonga.  Now decades later I learn that I'm as complex as anyone else:  German, Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, Tahitian, Hawaiian, and a touch of English.

My genealogy interests range from lecturing, writing, organizing, creating educational and reunion events, field research, and sharing "ahh-haa genealogy" moments.

I credit my parent, Charles Ataongo and Hena Vea Wolfgramm nee Langi, for encouraging me to connect with family and the world.  As a result of this foundation, I have lived in five different countries and visited many cultures.  I look forward to my time with Research Wiki as another journey to far away places to meet new people and help them connect with their stories from the past.

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