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I have moved in the last month (May) to San Antonio, Texas.

Worked at the Information counter at the Family History Library for 14 years as a Service Missionary. 10 years on the US floors and 4 years on the British floor.

Became Accredited Genealogist both in Scottish research and Eastern states.

Journeyman certificate earned while working with patrons on the British floor

A Fellow with the Antiquaries of Scotland.

I have also written two books for clients on their family history and pedigree charts going back 20 generations on one family.

Born in New Jersey and only moved to Salt Lake 27 years ago. Lived in many states and places for my husband's career first as a B-52 pilot in the Air Force and later as a Pilot with American Airlines. I have five children, two girls and three boys all grown up and working!!!!!

I had a genealogy research business for 20 years. I still do some research for clients and will take on others especially Scotland. I have had 22 research trips to Scotland and as well as being accredited in Scotland know the land well. My family are all from there including my father who was the first one of my family in America. .

I forgot to mention that I am an arbitrator for the indexing program.