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:*[[User:JensenFA/NIGS Pages]]
:*[[User:JensenFA/NIGS Pages]]
:*[[User:JensenFA/Montana Societies by County]]
:*[[User:JensenFA/Montana Societies by County]]
:*[[User:JensenFA/Dealing with Our Stuff|User:JensenFA/Dealing with <nowiki>''</nowiki>Stuff<nowiki>''</nowiki>]]
:*[[User:JensenFA/Dealing with Our Stuff]]
=====Help Pages that Help=====
=====Help Pages that Help=====

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Fran works in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Genealogy. Contact me at Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

Education[edit | edit source]
  • MPA, Brigham Young University, April 2000
  • BA in History, Brigham Young University, April 1992, Phi Kappi Phi and Honor Society
  • AA in Genealogy, Brigham Young University, August 1990, academic scholarship
Professional Experience[edit | edit source]
  • Deputy Chief Genealogical Officer, FamilySearch 2013-present
  • Social Media Manager, FamilySearch.org
  • FamilySearch Wiki Development, FamilySearch.org
  • Product Manager, FamilySearch.org
  • Extraction Supervisor, FamilySearch.org
  • User Specialist, FamilySearch.org
  • Product Support, FamilySearch.org
  • US/Canada Reference Consultant, Family History Library
  • Civil War Research Supervisor, Brigham Young University, College of Economics in conjunction with the Center for Population Economics, University of Chicago's "Early Indicators of Later Work Levels, Disease and Death" project under the direction of Robert Fogel.
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