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See also Gotoarrow.png Obtain the Records and Principles of Family History Research

The closer you can get to an original document, the better. Originals usually contain important clues that were missed or misread in indexes or transcripts.

This page offers options for accessing an original document or searching a set of records that is not convenient for searching yourself. Although a United States focus, many of the methods apply to other countries.

The intent is to help Wiki users by collecting pertinent Wiki articles and Internet links into one central location. Writers are encouraged to update, strengthen, and link to this page as appropriate.

Get a [photo] copy[edit | edit source]

When all you need is a copy of a few pages, many libraries and archives provide a copy service — often called "look-ups." They do not do actual research, so you must identify:

  1. Exactly which book or set of records from which to copy pages
  2. Their call number for the item
  3. The name(s) to copy from an index [including variant spellings]
  4. The page number(s) to be copied from the book or record

In many cases, it is a two-step process. First to copy from the index, which they send to you. Second, to copy the exact pages you then request.

Remember, YOU are the researcher, they are your eyes and hands.

The following Wiki articles and links are helpful:

See also United States Archives and Libraries and the Archives and Libraries section of a specific state or nation. Many provide look-up services. However, that the first objective of most archives is to preserve the collections. Staffing or other restrictions may not allow for look-up services.

Order a book or microfilm[edit | edit source]

Inter-library loan[edit | edit source]

See also the Archives and Libraries wiki page for each state, as many participate in inter-library loan.

You may want to view the tutorial "Ancestors Season 1: Libraries and Archives" at the FamilySearch Learning Center.

Nearby libraries or digitized books[edit | edit source]

The book you need may be in a nearby library, rather than doing inter-library loan. There are several free, online services you can use:

[WA to here]AdkinsWH 20:31, 26 June 2013 (UTC)

  • Jstore has just introduced -- adding more and more to free access; subscription -- put under online -- journals and index to journals most not available. Main window to access. subscription at FSL. See Jame's blog for articles.

Have the records searched[edit | edit source]

Just ideas AdkinsWH 20:34, 26 June 2013 (UTC) In this case, you will obtain the services of a record searcher -- someone who is skilled in searching a specific set of records, a collection, or who has access to the records of an area. They may or may not be professional genealogists,

What you have to provide

What to expect from them

How to find them

Go there yourself[edit | edit source]

Ideas to develop[edit | edit source]

  • Go with societies or groups
    • Local societies often have field trips of their area
  • Plan your own trip
    • Work with someone who is familiar with the records and the area (local people with collections, groups, the little things you could not know)
  • Archives tips

Article gathering place[edit | edit source]

Cemeteries Before visiting cemeteries in foreign lands, consider cultural, religious, and social differences.

Hire a genealogist[edit | edit source]

State-by-state[edit | edit source]

Click to the Archives and Libraries page for a state below. Browse websites and online catalogs for a town, county, or state, and for an unlimited array of subjects or keywords to find items that you wand to access via the Internet or by using the ideas offered on this page to Get a copy.

about the town, county, or state, or for

For archives and libraries, click a state below: