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United States Immigration Online
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Immigration Research Basics
Searching Many
Databases at Once
Major Ports
Ethnic, Nationality, Political, Religious, or Socioeconomic Groups
Immigration by State

Suggested Strategy[edit | edit source]

  1. Check the partner website indexes, as these cover many, many databases at once. The FamilySearch Historical Records databases is free to search with a free registered account. The other websites are subscription-based but can be searched for free at a Family History Center near you. Try to search each partner site because their search engines can often bring up slightly different results.
  2. If it is difficult for you to get access to the subscription databases, next try Additional Nationwide Collections Not Included in Partner Sites. These websites have a lot of overlap with the subscription websites.
  3. Search a nationality, religious, or political group collection that applies to your ancestor.
  4. Search the state collection for the first state where your ancestor lived.
  5. Read Tracing Immigrant Origins to learn about many other records that substitute for immigration records.
Immigration Online Genealogy Records
This is collection of links to United States Immigration databases and collections that include passenger lists and manifests. Includes some links to ship images and border crossing records.

The indexing of records is often an on-going project. Some collection indexes give no indication if they are a partial index or complete. If the name you are researching does not appear in an index, re-check the index at a later time or search for the record in the available original images. Some indexes are handwritten and a part of the image collection.

Partner Sites Indexing Multiple Databases[edit | edit source]

Use these search engines first to check for your ancestor in multiple databases for many ports all at once.

Collections With Nationwide Coverage[edit | edit source]

Included in Above Partner Site Indexes[edit | edit source]

If you have already searched the Partner Sites, you have searched these collections.

Additional Collections Not Included in Above Partner Site Indexes[edit | edit source]

Although there will be some overlap with the Partner Site searches, you should search these collections. Different search engines can yield different results.

Border Crossings[edit | edit source]

Immigration Records By Major Port[edit | edit source]

Baltimore[edit | edit source]
Boston[edit | edit source]
Galveston[edit | edit source]
Honolulu[edit | edit source]
Los Angeles[edit | edit source]
New Orleans[edit | edit source]
New York[edit | edit source]
Philadelphia[edit | edit source]
San Diego[edit | edit source]
San Francisco[edit | edit source]

Immigration Records by Ethnic, Nationality, Political, Religious, or Socioeconomic Groups[edit | edit source]

Indentured or Bonded Servants[edit | edit source]
Slavery[edit | edit source]
Quaker[edit | edit source]
British[edit | edit source]
Chinese[edit | edit source]
Dutch[edit | edit source]
Filipino[edit | edit source]
Finnish[edit | edit source]
German[edit | edit source]
Irish[edit | edit source]
Italian[edit | edit source]
Japanese[edit | edit source]
Jewish[edit | edit source]
Russian[edit | edit source]

Immigration Records By State[edit | edit source]

Major ports within each state are listed above and are not included in these lists.

Alabama[edit | edit source]
Alaska[edit | edit source]
Arizona[edit | edit source]
California[edit | edit source]
Connecticut[edit | edit source]
Delaware[edit | edit source]
Florida[edit | edit source]
Georgia[edit | edit source]
Hawaii[edit | edit source]
Idaho[edit | edit source]
Illinois[edit | edit source]
Indiana[edit | edit source]
Iowa[edit | edit source]
Louisiana[edit | edit source]
Maine[edit | edit source]
Maryland[edit | edit source]
Massachusetts[edit | edit source]
Minnesota[edit | edit source]
Michigan[edit | edit source]
Minnesota[edit | edit source]
Montana[edit | edit source]
New Hampshire[edit | edit source]
New Jersey[edit | edit source]
New York[edit | edit source]
North Carolina[edit | edit source]
North Dakota[edit | edit source]
Ohio[edit | edit source]
Oregon[edit | edit source]
Pennsylvania[edit | edit source]
Puerto Rico[edit | edit source]

Rhode Island[edit | edit source]
South Carolina[edit | edit source]
Texas[edit | edit source]
Utah[edit | edit source]
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Vermont[edit | edit source]
Virginia[edit | edit source]
Washington[edit | edit source]
Wisconsin[edit | edit source]
U.S. Territories[edit | edit source]