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Purpose[edit | edit source]

The purpose of these projects is to add new online collections to the FamilySearch Wiki.

Wales Infobox[edit | edit source]

Task List[edit | edit source]

Wales Info Box Task List

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  1. Open the task list.

  2. Place your name by the parish that you want to edit.

  3. Click on the link in the "Parish" column to take you to the page.

  4. Wales task list.png

  5. Once on the parish pages, look for "Parish History" in the table of contents (sometimes this might simply be "History"). Click on that link.

  6. Wales history toc.png

  7. This will take you to the "Parish History" section of the page. Click on the edit source button next to the heading.

  8. Wales history edit source.png

  9. Copy the following code:
    {{Infobox Wales Parishes
    | title = PARISH NAME Parish
    | County bef 1974 = add here
    | County 1 Apr 1974-31 Mar 1996 = add here
    | County 1 Apr 1996 - = add here 
    | District = add here
    | Sub-district = add here
    | Probate Court = add here
    | Diocese = add here
    | Rural Deanery = add here
    | Chapelry = add here
    | Poor Law Union = add here
    | Hundred = add here
    | Province = add here

  10. Paste the code under any written history that is already there. This means that it should always be pasted at the bottom of the section. It will look like the following:

  11. Wales code pasted.png

  12. Replace "PARISH NAME" with the name of the parish that you are working on, so in my example I would replace "PARISH NAME" with Aberffraw.

  13. Click "Show preview" to make sure that the collection was copied correctly. It should look like the following:

  14. Wales code finished.png

  15. If everything looks good, save the page. If something is off, correct the code and then save the page.

  16. Go back to the task list, mark the date you completed it in the "Date" column, and move on to the next county.