Track your research

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Pacific Island Guide  > Step 7. Keep track of what you have done and plan what to do next

When we interview someone or obtain a document or record with information about our family, we should make a note of it.

Write the results you obtained and where the information came from on your “Results List.” 


                                                                        RESULTS LIST
                       People I talked to, papers I reeceived, or objects I looked at   
            Any new information?

                           My Auntie Salote                                                                               Yes
                           Baptismal record of my Grandfather Samuela Fakatou                          Yes. His LDS baptismal date

                        Where did I get the information or where is it located now?                                 

                             In interview notes dated June 2000 in my file behind her family group record.

                             From the ward records in Felemea 

Also, keep a paper with ideas of what you want to do next.

When you have time to do work on family history, it will remind you of what you had in mind.

                                                                   TO DO LIST

                             Interview old people from Felemea when they come to visit in June.
                             Record Grandfather’s baptismal date on his Family Group Record

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