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The Guion Miller Roll is a list of Eastern Cherokees who applied for money awarded in 1905 because of a lawsuit. Applications are filed by number. You can obtain a copy of the application paper in the following two ways:

  • National Archives (U.S.). Order a copy online.

Family History Library. Use the Title Search for Eastern Cherokee Applications, August 29, 1906 – May 26, 1909.

If you need the application number, search the general alphabetical index to find your ancestor’s name, state and application number. The index is online on the National Archives (U.S.)pageor an Access Genealogy page.

If you cannot find your direct ancestor, look for his or her relatives. The Family History Library has a copy of the index on film number 378594.

Before concluding your ancestor’s name is not in the roll, consider the following as you search the indexes.

  • The last name may be spelled differently, or the first name may be abbreviated. Search for variant spellings.
  • Look for your ancestor by his or her English names, Indian name, middle name, nickname, initials, married name, or maiden name.
  • Look for your ancestor’s relatives. They may have mentioned your ancestor in their application documents.
  • Your ancestor may have been added to the supplemental rolls after the general index was compiled.

Not all Cherokees appear on the roll. Search for your ancestor on other records, such as the Dawes Commission Enrollment Records.