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This template creates an inline image that is used in meta pages and/or in user pages.

  • Featured article Featured Article: {{icon|FA}}
  • 16px Featured Article Review: {{icon|FAR}}
  • 16px Featured Article Removal Candidate: {{icon|FARC}}
  • 16px Former Featured Article: {{icon|FFA}}
  • Featured article candidate Featured Article Candidate: {{icon|FAC}}
  • 16px Failed Featured Article Candidate: {{icon|FFAC}}
  • Featured list Featured List: {{icon|FL}}
  • 16px Featured List Removal Candidate: {{icon|FLRC}}
  • 16px Former Featured List: {{icon|FFL}}
  • Featured list candidate Featured List Candidate: {{icon|FLC}}
  • 16px Failed Featured List Candidate: {{icon|FFLC}}
  • A-Class article A-Class Article: {{icon|A}}
  • 16px Demoted A-Class Article: {{icon|DAA}}
  • 16px A-Class Article Candidate: {{icon|ACC}}
  • 16px Failed A-Class Article Candidate: {{icon|FAAC}}
  • Good article Good Article: {{icon|GA}}
  • 16px Good Article Reassessment: {{icon|GAR}}
  • 16px Delisted Good Article: {{icon|DGA}}
  • 16px Good Article Nominee: {{icon|GAN}}
  • Good article, 2nd opinion Good Article, 2nd Opinion: {{icon|GA2}}
  • 16px Good Article on Hold: {{icon|GAH}}
  • 16px Failed Good Article Nominee: {{icon|FGAN}}
  • Featured picture Featured Picture: {{icon|FP}}
  • 16px Former Featured Picture: {{icon|FFP}}
  • 16px Valued Picture: {{icon|VP}}
  • 16px Valued Picture Candidate: {{icon|VPC}}
  • Featured sound Featured Sound: {{icon|FS}}
  • 16px Former Featured Sound: {{icon|FFS}}
  • Featured sound candidate Featured Sound Candidate: {{icon|FSC}}
  • Featured portal Featured Portal: {{icon|FPo}}
  • 16px Featured Portal Review: {{icon|FPoR}}
  • 16px Former Featured Portal: {{icon|FFPo}}
  • Featured portal candidate Featured Portal Candidate: {{icon|FPoC}}
  • 16px Featured Topic: {{icon|FT}}
  • 16px Featured Topic Removal Candidate: {{icon|FTRC}}
  • 16px Former Featured Topic: {{icon|FFT}}
  • 16px Featured Topic Candidate: {{icon|FTC}}
  • 16px Good Topic: {{icon|GT}}
  • 16px Good Topic Removal Candidate: {{icon|GTRC}}
  • 16px Good Topic Candidate: {{icon|GTC}}
  • 16px Audited Article of limited subject matter : {{icon|AA}}
  • 16px B-Class Review: {{icon|BR}}
  • 16px Demoted Article: {{icon|DA}}
  • Did You Know? Did You Know?: {{icon|DYK}}
  • 16px Did You Know? (alternate): {{icon|DYK2}}
  • 16px Peer Review: {{icon|PR}}
  • 16px Portal Peer Review: {{icon|PPR}}
  • 16px Quality Image on Wikimedia Commons: {{icon|QI}}
  • 16px Valued Image on Wikimedia Commons: {{icon|VI}}