Template:FS help text item/doc


This template must be used to add an item to an article that contains help text that is used by the FS API for help text. The API searches first for the presence of the {{FS help text article}} template, and then for the presence of this template.

There may be multiple instances of this template on a help text page; each instance must have a unique fieldId.


The identifier for this particular help text item. The fieldId must be unique for a given pageId, as specified in the {{FS help text article}} template.
The title of the field. It will be displayed in the help text article as a level 2 heading, but is also returned by the API.

The remaining parameters may be changed as needed; the API will simply look up the fieldId and then return all other parameters. If the parameters are changed, this template (and its documentation, of course) must be changed accordingly.

At this point, the following parameters have been defined.

The subtitle for this field. It may be used for clarification or disambiguation, or to indicate properties of the field (for example, "Required").
The help text that is associated with this field.
Text containing a sample value for this field.