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Instructions for creating a page for your center in the Wiki
[edit source]

  1. Create a new page in the Wiki with the name of your FHC as the title of the page. To do this:
    1. Do a search in the Wiki with the exact title of the page you would like to create. For example, search for "Blue Springs Missouri Family History Center."
    2. Under the Search Results heading, and above all the search results, you'll see this title in red. Click on the title in red. It will take you to the page that you will edit to create your center page.
  2. Add this outline to the page you are editing by typing {{subst:FHC Page Outline}}
  3. Save the page, then go back in and edit the page.
  4. Delete this section; everything above the box with the FamilySearch logo in it that identifies this page as a Family History Center page. Be sure the box stays on the page. (It will show in a yellow box with a T in it.) Also eventually remove the text in red in the rest of the page.
  5. Fill out the rest of the page with information about your center.
Additional items of interest:
  • Optional: Each of these sections are optional, and there may be other sections that you feel are important for your center to have. Do a search for "Family History Center" to see examples of what other centers are doing in the Wiki.
  • Multiple pages: If you have a lot of information about your center to add to this page, you may want to break this out into multiple pages. When you do so, you will want to create additional pages as "sub-pages." These pages begin with the same name of the main page, then include a "/", then the name of the sub-page.
For example, to create a sub-page for "Center Contacts and Hours" you would create a new page in the Wiki titled "Blue Springs Missouri Family History Center/Center Contacts and Hours". Although that is a long title, it gives the benefit of grouping the different pages together in the search results, and if you ever need to change the name of the main page, the sub-pages would also change.
  • Multiple page interlinking: You can also create a table that will link the main page and all of the sub-pages together so that visitors on any page will have links to all the other pages as well.  See .... for an example. (An example hasn't yet been created; one will be included here when done.)