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Syntax[edit source]

{{cat importance
 |topic      =
 |importance =
 |sort       =
 |parent     =
 |impn       =

Parameters[edit source]

  • topic - set so that your category is, e.g. "High-importance topic articles"
  • importance - should be one of top, high, mid, low, NA, Unassessed, or (rarely) Bottom or No
  • sort (optional) - the key you want to use to sort the category in its parent Category:Foo-importance articles
  • parent (optional) - set so that your importance categories are subcategories of "parent articles by importance". If not defined, defaults to topic.
  • impn (optional) - for projects that use other words instead of "importance", for example "priority". Defaults to "importance".

See also[edit source]

Standard class types
 FA   A   GA   B 
{{class|FA}} {{class|A}} {{class|GA}} {{class|B}}
 C   Start   Stub   FL 
{{class|C}} {{class|Start}} {{class|Stub}} {{class|FL}}
 List   NA   ??? 
{{class|List}} {{class|NA}} {{class|Unassessed}}
Non-standard class types
Symbol question.png Book   Category   Current   Disambig 
{{class|Book}} {{class|Category}} {{class|Current}} {{class|Disambig}}
 File   Future   Merge   Needed 
{{class|File}} {{class|Future}} {{class|Merge}} {{class|Needed}}
 Portal   Project   Redirect   Template 
{{class|Portal}} {{class|Project}} {{class|Redirect}} {{class|Template}}
Importance types
 Top   High   Mid   Low 
{{importance|Top}} {{importance|High}} {{importance|Mid}} {{importance|Low}}
 Bottom   No   NA   ??? 
{{importance|Bottom}} {{importance|No}} {{importance|NA}} {{importance|Unknown}}