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This is the {{AddThisLink}} template. This template is used for creating an addThis link for the page that this template is included in. When someone uses this link (or the addThis widget on the bottom of most pages), the statistics are tracked through the administration tools on the addThis website.

This template takes either one or two parameters. The first parameter is the service to set the bookmark through (such as facebook). The second, optional parameter is the text to display. If the second parameter is not included, it reuses the first parameter (in other words, it displays the service name provided). The service to be used should match the available service at addThis.

Examples[edit source]

Entered Produces Notes
{{AddThisLink}} MISSING parameter Missing parameter
{{AddThisLink|facebook}} facebook Uses facebook service and displays same text
{{AddThisLink|facebook|click here}} click here Uses facebook service and displays "click here"

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