This is the {{3O}} or third opinion message box.

Note: You must list your dispute at FamilySearch Wiki:Third opinion in order for contributors to respond. If you do not make a request at WP:3O, this template will be removed.

This template should not be subst'ed.


If you feed no parameters, and the box is placed on an article page, then this box looks like this:


You can feed a word as the first parameter, for instance "article" or "section". Then it renders like this:



To link to a specific talk page discussion, use {{3O|talk=Section Title}} or {{3O|section|talk=Section Title}}, replacing "Section Title" with the title of the section of the talk page where the discussion is taking place.

Alternatively, if the discussion is taking place elsewhere than on the talk page of the current page, use {{3O|talkpage=Full page title}} or {{3O|section|talkpage=Full page title}}. "Full page title" includes the namespace prefix (such as "Talk:"), and may include a section title, following a # character.

You can also insert a whole sentence that explains more. Like this:

| text = This is some explanation text.


This template automatically changes to the appropriate style depending on what kind of page it is placed. When placed on an article it looks like in the examples above.

When placed on a talk page it gets the brown talk page style. And then it doesn't show the link to the talk page, since you already are on the talk page. Like this:

It also changes to the proper styles for image, category and "other" pages. The style it shows at the very top of this page (above this documentation) is the "other" style, since template pages belong to the "other" type.

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