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Use a series of tables?[edit source]

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many archives linked to all in one place here. Thanks.

I found this page because it has been taking me extra time to locate German church records that I need. I have used the FHLC, ProGenealogists Gazeteers, and Google to find sources I need. Now I want to make it easier for others so they do not go through the same headache.


Make it clear where each record is held without the patron having to navigate a German website.


The church records can be held by a state archive, church archive, or local church. There is no simple way to link straight to the website for the group that holds the records you want.


Create a partially sortable table--for each German state--, similar to the ProGenealogist Gazeteers, but with live links and more thorough.

Suggested headings:

                                                    | Church and Archive           | Church and Archive

Town | District (Kreis) | Province | Evangelical (Evangelisch) | Catholic (Katholisch)

Suggested row content:

Name | name | name | link to archive that holds records | link to archive that holds records