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Index Only?

My own experience working with legacy-collections is that they are index-only. However a new user to FamilySearch asked a question on the Communities forum, about why they were being told to visit a FHC or Affiliate Library to view an image from this collection. Some discussion and debate with an experienced FS user ensured, as there were differences in understanding about many aspects of legacy collections.

My question is simply, is this an index-only collection? According to the list of historical record collections, it is:

If Yes, the "Image Visibility" template should be removed, and this page should clarify that the collection is index-only. This will avoid confusion, especially for new users.

Also, the department that deals with the Search part of the website should ensure that users are not told to visit a FHC or Affiliate Library to view a image that does not exist.

However, as I have been repeatedly told that it is not appropriate for me (a non-FHL employee) to be editing content about restrictions on access to records, can a senior editor or FHL employee please make this edit.

--Av85647 (talk) 04:48, 19 September 2020 (MDT)