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We are replacing the Q&A centered around the event to Q&A about what you learned at RootsTech.  Over time the Q&A that was sent in to Elder Scott and that we did not have time to answer will be included here as well.

Q. Maybe I finally found the place to contact you. Regarding the session for consultants about family history centers, etc -- will a syllabus or some internet info be provided for those who are unable to attend the conference?

A. All the materials, syllabus and PowerPoints are now posted on, the new "Serving in Family History" website

Q. Glad I found this page too! I have several questions:

  1. Discontinuance of Extraction Program and Temple Names: In the Saturday lunchtime training for consultants, I understood the presenter to say that the Church's extraction program is being discontinued, and that names for temple work would be provided by members rather than the extraction program. My question is, when will the change actually take place? And when has it or will it be communicated to local priesthood leadership and members? (It may be in the new handbook--does anyone know?) It seems like this could be a wonderful motivation to help members become more engaged in their own family history work.

  2. Is there a familysearch forum specifically for consultants? I've seen the FHC Staff section on, but that seems more oriented toward assisting patrons. I was looking for a forum where FHC consultants/directors could have discussions with each other.

A1. Thank you for the question, I have had many people ask about these comments so it is good to get that clarified. The word extraction is no longer used, it is replaced by indexing.  Stakes can have indexing programs. Names from indexing do not go to the temples unless members search for family members, find their records and submit them themselves. That said, there is still a need to have temple names when member submitted names are not sufficient to keep the temples operating. When the inventory of names runs low a special private project is set up and using the indexing tool along with members who have been invited to participate, names are indexed for the temple. For now the only thing changed in the handbook is that we no longer use the term extraction.

A2. We will be setting up a consultant specific forum on the above referenced "Serving in Family History" website in the near future.  Watch this space and that site.