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If you have a question about any of the activities at RootsTech that are planned for FH Consultants, please edit this page and enter your questions below. If you are watching this page you will be notified by email when your question is answered.

Q: My question is this:  I am a Family History Consultant and had already registered for the conference using the early bird price of $99.00.  Is there any way I can benefit from the new pricing for Family History Consultants that you announced today?  It seems that you are encouraging people to sign up late in the future because there may be some hidden benefits.  Those of us who were excited about the conference and supported it from the beginning are now paying more.

A: We will certainly refund you the difference (99-75=24) $24. I will check and post the procedure to get you the refund.

Thank you!  

Q: I have tried to go in and modify my registration to show that I am also attending consultant training.  I understand from the e-mail that you need to do this to be able to have a badge and be able to attend.  When I follow the directions given, it puts me into my current full attendance registration and I do not see the choices talked about - ie. day to attend consultant training and if you are attending the devotional.  Is there something else I need to do to access this part of the registration?

A: The problem is that each registration is tied to an email account. We have now fixed the program so that you can register twice with the same email address.  When you enter the email address and select the registration type of "FH Consultant Training"  and the appropriate code, then click on Continue you will see an option to "Begin a New Registration with This Email", select that after entering your registration password (that you established with your first registration) and you should be good to go.


THANK YOU for this answer.  I just called the 1830 operator so she can tell others where to find this info.

Q: Another problem I am seeing is this:  I am registered for classes as a full-time attendee - some of them hands-on.  I can attend Consultant Training Part 1 on one day and Consultant Training Part 2 on another day and not upset my previously set schedule too dramatically.  But if I have to go all on one day, then I am going to miss one of the classes that I purposely signed up for early so I could be a hands-on participant.  Is there a way to register for the Consultant Training on two separate days?

A: When you register as a consultant and choose a day to attend you will get a different colored badge, that will get you into any consultant session.  You can go to one on one day and the other on another day, not a problem.

Thanks!  This has really been helpful!