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Stord Parish, Hordaland, Norway Genealogy

Guide to Stord, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records.

Stord Parish
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Prosti add here
Len 1599-1660 Bergenhus
Amt 1689-1919 1660-1763: Bergenhus, 1763-1919: Søndre Bergenhus
Fylke 1919-Present Hordaland
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Prestegjeld Stord
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Tinglag Stord
Fogderi Søndhordland
Sorenskriveri Søndhordland
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Church Records

Microfilms of parish registers are available at the Family History Library for Stord clerical district and contain the parish registers for Stord clerical district which includes Stord parish. Also included Fitjar parish until 1862 when it became part of the new Fitjar clerical district and Valestrand parish until 1870 when it bacame part of Sveio clerical district. Records avaialable from 1725.

Digital images of parish records are online for Stord at Digitalarkivet.

Stord clerical district: 1725-1945

Many of the Stord parish records have been extracted or indexed and can be found in the FamilySearch database Norway Baptisms, 1634-1927 as described in the wiki article Norway Baptisms - FamilySearch Historical Records.

Census Records

  • 1664-1666 Census Sogneprestenes manntall Sundhordland prosti Stord clerical district included Valestrand, Fitjar and Stord parishes. This census was taken by the local parish priests. It is on microfilm at the Family History Library Film 122971 Item 3 and online at Digitalarkivet as scanned images

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Høyland, Ola, Stord bygdebok, Stord : Utgjevar: Stord herad, 1966-1973. A history of Stord in Hordaland county and a genealogy of the people and their farms. Vol. 2 includes an expanded index. FHL 948.32/S3 H2h A farm name index to volume 2 is found in the following link. File:948.32-S3 H2h Vol 2 - STORD.pdf

Farm Names

28 Aadland 6 Agdestein 56 Almaas

48 Birkeland 39 Bjelland nordre 8 Borevik 5 Bortveit 2 Brandvik store 21 Breiviken

32 Dale 52 Digernes 59 Diviken

44 Eldøen 9 Elvepladset 12 Eskeland nedre

51 Føien 10 Førland

50 Grindevik 9 Grov

24 Haga 47 Hatland 15 Haugland 1 Haukenes 9 Heimebøen 7 Hetlesæter 46 Horneland 49 Hornelandsvaagen 26 Hysingstad 41 Høiland

31 Isdal

45 Kaarevik 35 Kaneteig 19 Kivik

43 Langeland 38 Leirvik 34 Lillebø nedre 33 Lillebø øvre 18 Lunde 17 Lunde-Mandsværk 37 Løning

4 Mehammer 26 Midtøen 60 Mjelkvik 63 Morken

38 Naustneset 54 Nes 3 Nordhuglen 57 Nysæter

27 Orninggaard

62 Peterteigen 22 Præstegaarden 14 Præsthaug

20 Rommetveit nedre

28 Sagneset 13 Solhaug 61 Stokken østre 36 Stue 53 Sætrevik 25 Sæverhagen

16 Tveite nordre 42 Tveite søndre

55 Valvatne 29 Vatne 58 Vikenes

23 Økland nedre 30 Økland øvre

For a larger list of farms, click here:, then click again on the next link.


Magnson, Roger Dean, 1950-: Halvor M. Magneson's descent. Contains: 1. Halvor M. Magneson's descent from the Galtung and Smør families of Austevoll, Fitjar, Stord, and Sund parishes of Hordaland, Norway -- 2. Halvor M. Magneson's descent from the viking kings.

Number 1 contains a pedigree chart, ahnenlist, and genealogical table connecting Halvor M. Magneson (1876-1942) to the prominent Galtung and Smør families. Number 2 contains a pedigree chart and 8 genealogical tables connecting Halvor M. Magneson (1876-1942) to the viking kings. FHL 929.2481 M274. To view a digital version of no 1, click here, for a digital version of no 2 click here

Probate Records

1668-1887: Records are found in Sunnhordaland judicial district.

1690-1877: Clerical probate records are found in Sunnhordaland Deanery.

FamilySearch Family Tree Entries

All community extracted IGI parish records for Stord of births and marriages were transferred into the FamilySearch Family Tree when it was first created in the spring of 2012. This means that the majority of births from 1725 to 1878 and marriages from 1816 to 1878 are already in FamilyTree but not necessarily linked into family groups and extended families. Many of these records exist with duplicates. An ongoing need is to properly combine these Family Tree "twigs" into the larger tree by properly merging all duplicates and linking families.

The following parish registers have had each entry examined. For births, the individual has been found in or added to Family Tree, had all duplicates merged, and been properly linked to parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles with FamilySearch historical database sources added and links to the Digitalarkivet scanned images added. For marriages, the same has been done except grandparents, aunts, and uncles have not been added or edited. For death dates, the date has just been added to the person as currently in Family Tree or the person has been added to Family Tree if necessary along with parents but extensive clean up work on the family has not been done.

Register Births Confirmations Marriages Deaths Stillborn
Ministerialbok nr. B 2 (1878 - 1913) 1878-1888 1878-1887 1878-1878 1878-1878
Klokkerbok nr. A 1 (1864 - 1878) 1878-1878 1878-1878 1878-1878 1878-1878
Klokkerbok nr. A 2 (1879 - 1909) 1879-1888 1879-1887

(Please update this table as years are completed)

When searching for individuals in Family Tree who were born, married, or died at Stord, due to the changeable nature of Norwegian surnames it is most efficient to search using first name only, approximate event date, and place name "Stord, Hordaland, Norway."


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names