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New Hampshire Town Records

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New Hampshire Historical Society. ''Card Index to Manuscripts and Original Town Records of New Hampshire in the New Hampshire Historical Society.'' Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1975. ({{FHL|312100|title-id|disp=Family History Library film 1001442}}.) These cards are arranged in alphabetical order by town name.
''New Hampshire Provincial and State Papers'', 40 vols. (See [[New Hampshire Court Records]] for the full citationand for online indexes. ( {{FHL|974.2 N2n|disp=Family History Library book 974.2 N2nhp, vols. 1–7, 9, 11–13, 20–22, 24–25, and 27–28}}.) Town records are in volumes 1–7, films 1033734–37; volume 9, film 476874; volumes 11–13, films 983680–81; volumes 20–22, films 1033739–40; volumes 24– 25, films 1033740–41; volumes 27–28, films 1033741–42. Each volume is indexed.
For a book that gives a detailed description of 18 kinds of town records, shows some examples, and tells how they help family history researchers, see:
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