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*MacKay, Robert E. ''Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the French and Indian Wars, 1744–1755''. Boston, Massachusetts: Society of Colonial Wars, 1978. (Family History Library book {{FHL|11991|title-id|disp=974.4 M2mc}}.) Gives in-depth information about the years of turmoil among the French, Indians, and Colonists. It includes details about forming the militia force to combat the unrest.
=== Revolutionary War (1775–17831775-1783) ===
A man born between 1730 and 1765 who lived in Massachusetts is probably listed in some form of military record. If he supported the rebellion, he may be mentioned in records as a rebel, patriot, or Whig. Those who opposed the rebellion were Loyalists or Tories. For detailed records of the [[Revolutionary War, 1775 to 1783|Revolutionary War]], see:


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