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::<Font family="Calibri"><font size="3">(Learn how to attach sources and merge records in FamilySearch. )</SPAN>
<div style= "Font color="Black"><Font face="Calibri"><font size="4"><u>FamilySearch Needs Help for Foreign Language Indexing!</u> <br><div>No language skills necessary. Individual training available by appointment. Flexible schedule. For more information, contact Sister Linda Poulter 801-540-5585 Or email If you are emailing please put your name, phone number, email address, and which language you are interested in learning to index.
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<Font face="Calibri"><font size="4">Click on the blue underscored text links below and you'll discover everything from the FamilySearch Blog's library of family history from all over the world to new FamilySearch Tree tools and features to make researching your ancestors more successful. Don't forget to accept one of our family challenges and let us know how your experience helped you in your family history work.<br>
:*<Font face="Calibri"><font size="4">[<span style="color:blue;""font-size ="4"><u>What's New at FamilySearch</SPAN>]</u> :*<Font face="Calibri"><font size="4">[<span style="color:blue;""font-size ="4"><u>Favorite FamilySearch BLOG Posts and Challenges</SPAN>]</u>
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