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Pennsylvania Land and Property

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Indexes of Colonial and State Records
For additional assistance in identifying the county, search Allen Weinberg and Thomas E. Slattery, ''Warrants and Surveys of the Province of Pennsylvania Including the Three Lower Counties, 1759 ''(1965, Reprint, Knightstown, Indiana: Bookmark, 1975. {{FHL|249920|item|disp=FHL book 974.8 R2w}} and {{FHL|249920|item|disp=FHL films 982105 item 7 and 1036747 item 2}}. This source indexes warrants by county. Most warrants listed were issued for the period 1682-1759. This book also indexes Pennsylvania, Provincial Assembly, ''Warrants and Surveys of the Province of Pennsylvania, 1682-1759: Transcribed from the Records of the Surveyor General's and Proprietaries Secretary's Offices by John Hughes, Recorder of Warrants and Surveys under the Act of Assembly July 7, 1759'', Original manuscripts, 9 vols. (Philadelphia, PA: Department of Records, 1957), {{FHL|341183|item|disp=FHL films 981096-97}}. These films are difficult to read.
The [http aspx Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission] has several indexes and other land records online of the land records at the Pennsylvania State Archives, including Warrant Registers, Copied Survey Books, Patent Indexes, Patent Tract Name Index, etc. Instructions for using the indexes and records are included as well as where to write to copies of original records.
The [ records of the Land Office] are at the Pennsylvania State Archives. The site includes a history of the Land Office and descriptions of the records available at the State Archives.
For help with more complicted searches, see Donna Munger's book, ''Pennsylvania Land Records. A History and Guide for Research.'' {{FHL|364977|item|disp=FHL book 974.8 R2m}} and [ Other libraries with this book].
===County Records===
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