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*'''Francis Cooke,''' and his sone '''John.''' But his wife & other children came afterwards.
*'''Thomas Rogers,''' and '''Joseph''' his sone. His other children came afterwards.
*'''Thomas Tinker, ''' and his wife, and a sone.*'''John Rigdale, and Alice, ''' his wife.*'''James Chilton, ''' and his wife, and Mary, their daughter. They had an other daughter, yt was married, came afterward.*'''Edward Fuller, ''' and his wife, and '''Samuell, ''' their sonne.*'''John Turner, ''' and 2 sones. He had a daughter came some years after to Salem, where she is now living.*'''Francis Eaton, and Sarah, ''' his wife, and '''Samuell, ''' their sone, a young child.*Moyses ''''oyses Fletcher, John Goodman, Thomas Williams, Digerie Priest, Edmond Margeson, Peter Browne, Richard Britterige, Richard Clarke, Richard Gardenar, Gilbert Winslow.'''*'''John Alden ''' was hired for cooper, at South -Hampton, where the ship victuled; and being a hopeful young man, was much desired, but left to his owne liking to go or stay when he came here; but he stayed, and maryed here. *'''John Allerton ''' and ''''Thomas Enlish ''' were both hired, the later to goe mr of a shalop here, and ye other was reputed as one of ye company, but was to go back (being a seaman) for the help of others behind. But they both dyed here, before the shipe returned. *There were also other 2. Seamen hired to stay a year here in the country, '''William Trevore, ''' and one '''Ely. ''' But when their time was out, they both returned.
*These bening aboute a hundred sowls, came over in this first ship; and began his worke, which God of his goodness hath hitherto blessed; let his holy name have ye praise.
*Twelfe persons liveing of the old stock this present yeare, 1679.
*Two persons liveing that came over in the first shioe 1620, this present year, 1690. '''Resolved White''' and '''Mary Chusman (Cushman,)''' the daughter of '''Mr. Allerton.'''
*ANd And '''John Cooke, ''' the son of '''Frances Cooke, ''' that came in the first ship, is still liveing this present year, 1694; & '''Mary Cushman ''' is still living, this present year. 1698.
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