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St George Utah FamilySearch Center

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<div class="left" style="width: auto; margin-left: auto; margin-left: auto; font-family: Comic Sans MS, sans-serif; font-size: 170%; color:green;"> <b>[ {{color|green|What's New at FamilySearch}}]</b></div><br>
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:*FamilySearch Simplified
:*No reservations needed
:*Lexmark Color Copier/Printer/Scanner. Converts multiple page documents into a single pdf file. This is ideal for preserving and sharing typewritten family histories.
:{{color|green|To schedule the use of this equipment}} [ <b>click here</b>] {{color|green|or call}} [tel:435634591 (435) 673-4591</b>].
<b>Photograph Restoration</b><br>
:Old, historical photos that have been folded, torn or color faded through aging can be restored. If you have a photograph to restore
:(1) Scan it to make a digital copy({{color|green|For an example of photo restoration}} <b>[ <b>click here</b>]</b>) :(2) Send the digital image file via e-mail to <i>{{color|green|<b> }}</b></i>
:(3) Reference in the e-mail that you are using this service at the St. George FamilySearch Center.
:A break room is available with a refrigerator and microwave oven.
<b>New at the FamilySearch Center</b><br>
:Be sure to provide Feedback through the newly installed Happy or Not Feedback kiosks by each door as you exit. We would like to be continually improving the experience for all of those who come seeking help in finding their ancestors. Help us to help you and everyone else by letting us know how your experience went. Thanks!
<b>Microfilm Readers</b><br>
:This FamilySearch center does NOT have microfilm readers. FamilySearch is converting microfilm documents to a computer image format. :If you need a microfilm reader, the [[Bloomington_Utah_Family_History_Center|Bloomington Utah Family History Center]] located in Sun River at 4461 Country Club Drive, Saint George, Utah 84790 (435-656-9015) has microfilm capability.
:Documents of all kinds, USB drives, glasses, jewelry, photographs, other types of documents and papers and more.
:For a link to photos that have been left at the center <b>[ <b> click here/<b>]<b>
<b>Please note</b><br>
<b>Training Manuals</b><br>
:To access the {{color|green|Training Manuals for the Instructors }} <b>[ <b>click here</b>]</b>:To access the {{color|green|Training Manuals for the Missionaries }} <b>[ 1CFrcrR-3F8ZTv9dGaLvvQ_hwkvrRSTLi <b>click here</b>]</b>
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