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Panola County, Texas Genealogy

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==== Populated Places ====
For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit [ Hometown Locator]. The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Panola County, Texas," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_Texas,Last accessed 18 August 2019.</ref> {{populated places<!--cities column------------------->| cities-col1=<div>* [,_Texas Beckville ]</div>| cities-col2=<div>* [,_Texas Carthage ] (county seat)</div>| Clayton | De Berry cities-col3=<div>* [,_Texas Tatum]‡</div><!--towns column------------------->| towns-col1=<div>* [,_Texas Gary City ]</div>| towns-col2=| towns-col3=<!--unincorp column------------------->| unincorp-col1=<div>* [,_Louisiana_and_Texas Bethany]‡* [,_Texas Centennial]* [,_Texas Clayton]* [,_Panola_County,_Texas Corinth]</div>| unincorp-col2=<div>* [,_Texas Deadwood]* [,_Texas DeBerry]* [,_Texas Galloway]* [,_Panola_County,_Texas Long Branch ]</div>| Mineral Springs | unincorp-col3=<div>* Midyett* [,_Texas Murvaul ]* [,_Texas Panola]</div><!--ghost towns column------------------->| Panola ghost-col1=<div>* Center Point</div>| Tatum (mostly in ghost-col2=<div>* [[Rusk County, Texas Genealogy_Texas Mineral Springs]</div>|Rusk]] County) ghost-col3=}}<p>‡This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties</p>
==== Neighboring Counties ====
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