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These forms are designed to help you quickly analyze and organize your documents. They can become a personal index for your family records.
=== Obtaining Civil Registration Records =====Ministerio de Justicia=== Spain does have a national index or central repository for civil registration ([ Ministerio de Justicia]). Researchers can solicit the [ Ministerio de Justicia] online for copies of certificates. Requests must have: name of deceased, date when event ocurred (birth, marriage, or death), and where the event occured. Parent's names will also be required when asking for a birth certificate. For more information on how to order these records online, please see the article [[Order Spain Vital Records Online|Order Spain Vital Records Online]].  If you understand Spanish, you may want to view this short [ video] that explains how to order a birth certificate online from the Ministry of Justice in Spain. The process is virtually the same to order a marriage or death certificate.
Most civil registration records have not been microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, however, if you are researching from outside of Spain you should perform a [[FamilySearch Catalog Place Search|Place Search]] in the FamilySearch Catalog to determine if the civil registration records for the town you are researching in have been microfilmed.
If the records you need have not been microfilmed you will most likely need to write to the archive where the records are housed. The best way to find out if civil registration records are available in the town you are researching in, and to get the address of the archive is through the Directorio de Archivos in the [ Censo-guia].  It is possible to order copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates online from Spain through the website of the [ Ministry of Justice (Ministerio de Justicia)]. See [[Order Spain Vital Records Online|Order Spain Vital Records Online]] for complete instructions on how to receive copies of post-1870 civil registration records.
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