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[[Czech Republic Genealogy|Czech Republic]]
{{FamilySearch_CollectionCzech Republic HR Infobox
|title=Czech Republic, Southern Bohemia, Třeboň Archive Church Books, 1650-1900
|location=Czech Republic
}}<br> | LOC_01 = | LOC_02 = [[File:Czech Republic.png|rightLOC_03 = |200pxloc_map = |Czech Republic on the globe-png]]record_type = Church Books| start_year = 1650| end_year =1900| language = Title in the Language of the Records =German, Czech| title_language *Tschechische Republik, Sud Böhmen, Wittingau Archiv Kirchenbücher (German) <br> *Česká republika, Jižní Čechy, Třeboň, církevní knihy (Czech)| FS_URL_01 = [[Czech Republic Genealogy|Czech Republic]]| FS_URL_02 = [[Czech Republic Church Records]]| FS_URL_03 = [[Czech Republic Church Books (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]| FS_URL_04 = | FS_URL_05 = | FS_URL_06 = | RW_URL_01 = [ Acta Publica] and [ instructions]| RW_URL_02 = [ Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International]| RW_URL_03 = [ Czech Embassy Genealogy Tips]| RW_URL_04 = | RW_URL_05 = | RW_URL_06 = | custodian = }}
== What is in the Collection? ==
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== For Help Reading These Records ==
These records are in Czech, German and Latin. For help reading the records, see the following wiki articles: <br>
*[[Czech Republic Genealogical Word List]] <br> *[[Czech Republic Language and Languages]] <br> *[[German Language and Languages]] <br>
*[[Latin Genealogical Word List]]
== Known Issues with This Collection ==
For a full list of all known issues associated with this collection see the attached [ article]. If you encounter additional problems, please email them to []. Please include the full path to the link and a description of the problem in your e-mail. Your assistance will help ensure that future reworks will be considered.
== Related Websites ==
*[ Acta Publica] and [ instructions]
*[ Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International]
*[ Czech Embassy Genealogy Tips]
== Related Wiki Articles ==
*[[Czech Republic Genealogy|Czech Republic]]
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*[[Czech Republic Church Books (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
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== Citing this Collection ==
Citing your sources makes it easy for others to find and evaluate the records you used. When you copy information from a record, list where you found that information. Here you can find citations already created for the entire collection and for each individual record or image. <br><br> '''Collection Citation''':<br> {{Collection citation | text= "Czech Republic, Southern Bohemia, Třeboň Archive Church Books, 1650-1900." Images. <i>FamilySearch</i>. : accessed 2017. Státní oblastní archiv, Třeboni (Treboni State Regional Archives, Trebon)}}
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[[Category:Czech_Republic Church Records]]
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