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:''This article is about the southern U.S. state. For other uses, see [[Arkansas (disambiguation)]].''<br><br>
[ Arkansas Genealogical Society]
[[Image:{{ ARState White River}}]]
*Fort Smith [[Arkansas Court Records|court]] had jurisdiction in Oklahoma Indian Territory until 1896 <br>
The best collection of published biographies in Arkansas is at the University of Arkansas Library. Also search the biographical sections of statewide, regional, and county histories for biographical information. In 1889 and 1890 the Goodspeed Publishing Company published a series of regional biographical encyclopedias. Most have recently been reprinted and are indexed. For further details see [[Arkansas Biography]].
Before 1900 the largest religious groups in Arkansas were the Baptist and Methodist Episcopal (now United Methodist). The Family History Library has many church records for Arkansas and several histories of local churches.
*[ David Rumsey Map Collection] is a large online collection of rare, old, antique historical atlases, globes, maps, charts plus other cartographic treasures
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