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Authors desiring to display a wiki page's content in boxes should use tables within columns instead of using sub-pages within portals. To see the code that allows one to layout columns and tables, go to the [[Maryland|Maryland page]], click '''Edit''', and switch to Wikitext view. To see an example of portal code, go to the [ India portal on Wikipedia] and click '''Edit this page'''. For more about this topic, see [[FamilySearch Wiki:The Un-Portal Page|The Un-Portal Page]].
== Draft Pages pages or Sandboxes sandboxes ==
Major editing work on a page that will not be finished for an extended time may confuse visitors to the page. To avoid this, it is recommend that lengthy or long term editing preparations are worked on in a [[FamilySearch Wiki:Sandbox|sandbox]] you create. Be sure to add a link in the "Talk" page of where the planned changes will be posted, to the sandbox where the planned changes are being worked on. This will allow comments on the new content until it is moved from the sandbox page to the page that needs the changes. {{further|FamilySearch Wiki:About the Sandbox}}
== Measurements ==