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[[Portal:Norway|'''''Norway''''']] &gt; '''''[[Rogaland County, Norway|Rogaland County]] &gt;&nbsp;Helleland''''' <br> 
=== Church Records ===
Records begin in 1713. Contain priest and sexton records from the parishes [*,0,0 Helleland] and [[Bjerkreim, Norway|Bjerkreim]] with Øvrebygd chapel. Included [[Heskestad, Norway|Heskestad]] parish to 1820 when it became part of [[Lund, Norway|Lund clerical district]].
[*,0,0 An extract of the church records of Helleland in Rogaland county, 1713- 1834.] These records are available on microfilm at the Family History Library.  Digital images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.
Digital images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet[ Helleland: 1758]
[ Helleland: 1758][ Helleland / Helleland: 1713-1841, 1848-1941]
&nbsp;[ Helleland / Helleland, Bjerkreim: 1834-1886]
=== Census Records ===
The clerical probates for 1729-1807 are found in [[Dalane, Rogaland County, Norway|Dalane]] deanery.
=== Farm Book ===
Heskestad, Olav and Valand, Petrus, [*,0,0 "Hetland skipreide i 450 år"], Eigersund: Utgitt av Eigersund og Lund kommuner, 1971. 948.31 D2v Vols 1-2 FHL Intl Book
<br>Waula, Jørg Eirik, [*,0,0 "Personregister til Helleland sokn gard, ætt og folk"], Stavanger, Norway&nbsp;: Rogaland Historie og Ættesogelag, 1997. An index to: "Hetland skipreide in 450 år (v. 2 Helleland gard, ætt og folk) / Petrus Valand og Olav Heskestad. 948.31 D2v v. 2 index FHL INTL Book
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