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'''Hyssington''' is a village and ecclesiastical parish in [[County of Powys|Powys]], [[Wales Genealogy|Wales]]. The village is in the [[Communities in Wales|community]] of [[Churchstoke, Powys|Churchstoke]] and the ecclesiastical parish is in the English Diocese of Hereford.
Before 1974 the village was in the historic county of [[Montgomeryshire Genealogy|Montgomeryshire]] and, between 1974 and 1996 in the [[County of Powys]]. In 1996 it became part of the modern [[County of Powys]].
== History ==
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| before 31 March 1974
| [[Montgomeryshire Genealogy|Montgomeryshire]]
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| 1 April 1974 - 31 March 1996
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