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:[[User:Murphynw|Nathan]] has previously created three templates {{tl|Ancestry}}, {{tl|AncestryInstitution}} and {{tl|AncestryLibrary}} that creates 3 different URLs. At the moment you can't change the link text - it will always say link. I think that could be changed to allow the contributor to provide different link text. Also is what you really asking for is to have one template that produces all three links in one go? --[[User:Cottrells|Steve]] {{toolbar|[[User talk:Cottrells|talk]]|[[Special:Contributions/Cottrells|contribs]]}} 17:08, 3 April 2014 (UTC)
== Creating a list of family organizations ==
Steve, I have some questions about the design changes on an article that lists family organizations that have a Facebook page. See [[Surname Pages and Groups on Facebook]]. We are expanding that list to include family organizations with a website and/or Facebook page. We have questions about the layout design of the page and welcome your suggestions:
* There are a lot of family organizations so we want to create alphabetical links to a separate page for each letter of the alphabet. I'm pretty sure there is a template we can use for this. Do you know if there is an article in the wiki that is already using the TOC template with links to sub-pages? I'm thinking it would be easier to copy what has already been done, rather than figure out how to do it from scratch.
* Should there be a separate column just for the surname of the organization? I believe the content would be easier to visually scan if the surname was the only text in the first column, but there could be 100 "Smith" family organizations, so maybe the idea is not so great. Suggestions?
* Does a separate column for the Facebook page and another column for the website link work okay? Any other suggestions?
* The list currently has a short description of the family organization. Should we continue adding this content? Is the description helpful to those who are looking for family organizations?
* What about family organizations without a website or a Facebook page? There are a lot of organizations who can only be accessed through snail-mail. Should this content be added as well?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions. I have added the same list of questions to the discussion page of the article. [[User:JensenFA|Fran]] {{toolbar|[[User talk:JensenFA|talk]]|[[Special:Contributions/JensenFA|contribs]]}} 20:26, 21 April 2014 (UTC)
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