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== <center>Known Issues</center> ==
'''Question #1''': I am looking for a record of an ancestor who sailed from Liverpool in early 1854 on the “'''City of Manchester'''”. Can you help me? <br>'''Answer #21''': The images for manifest of the “'''City of Manchester'''” are located at the waypoint 077 - 2 Jan to 23 Dec 1854 &gt; images 308-323. They have inadvertently been indexed with the manifest of the previous ship “Geo Harris”, and so the indexed records from the “City of Manchester” incorrectly show the “Geo Harris” as the ship on the record details pages.
'''Question #2''': I have an ancestor whose estimated birth year came much later than his immigration year? Can you explain this?<br>'''Answer #2:''' The passengers on the ship '''Jane Haddon''' have been indexed with an incorrect estimated birth year. The records are 60 years off. '''Question #3''': I have an ancestor who has two records – one indexed as immigrating on the ship '''Mary Pleasant''', and one as immigrating on the '''Thomas Dallet'''. Which is correct?<br>'''Answer #3''': There were two images on this film for some of the passengers from the Mary Pleasant. One of the images was incorrectly indexed with the Thomas Dallet. The correct ship is the '''Mary Pleasant'''. '''Question #4''': My ancestor’s record lists Westnewland as the ship sailed on. Is this correct?<br>'''Answer #24''': The images for the manifest of the “'''Westmoreland'''” were inadvertently indexed as “Westnewland”. The correct name of the ship is the “'''Westmoreland'''” <br>
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