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Lake Superior Chippewa

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Another branch moved west into what is now the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Included among them are the [[Menominee Indians]]. They also colonized northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Either the Chippewa's from northern Wisconsin or southern Michigan, colonized southern Wisconsin.
Another branch moved to the northern shores of Lake Superior which the Chippewa call Gitchi Gami. They were not as numerous as the Chippewa's from the Lower Penisula of Michigan, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Their totems were largely non military but that changed after the whites invaded. Supposedly the [[Cree_IndiansCree Indians]] lived north of the Chippewa's who lived north of Lake Superior. Hudson Bay Company kept details about the Indians in that region. They claimed the Cree did not use totems or clans. If that is correct it means the Cree are not Algonquian. All Algonquians used totems or clans. We do know the Swampy Cree or James Bay Cree and Woodland Cree, used totems or clans. The James Bay Cree are obviously Chippewa.
They did not migrate to the Lake Superior region in the 1500s. Ojibway authors from the 19th century wrote of the Chippewa's forcing their way east from the west. George Copway wrote that the Chippewa's from the Minnesota region, commenced to colonize the land east of Lake Superior and north of Lake Huron, around 1634 and 1635. They had to fight the Lakota who contested the Chippewa military advance which either means the Lakota lived between the Chippewa's of Minnesota and Chippewa's from Michigan, or the Lakota invaded from the south.
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