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matched instructions to new catalog view
7. Click on the word wikitext with in toolbox at the top left side of the edit box.
8. Put your cursor under the last information in the<br> === Taxation === <br>Section and then hit the enter key to put in a space and then copy the following template: <br>
:<nowiki>{{Template:OH AR Tax More Records Repositories|AdamsJackson|389770353988}}</nowiki> <br>
<br> 9. In the template, replace the county '''AdamsJackson''' with the name of the county you are working on.<br>
10. In the template, change the numbers listed with the number you obtain from doing the following: <br>
::While in the new FHLC on []:<br>
::a. Put your county into the search "For" field, i.e. Arkansas,&nbsp;Jackson, Arkansas.<br>
::b. Click on the county name as it appears beneath what you are typing, and hit the Search button. <br>
::c. Select the taxation topic from the list. <br>
::d. Select any record listed in the taxation topic. <br>
::e. In the taxation record that you selected, under the "Subjects" heading select the link called "OhioArkansas, (your county)– Taxation". <br>
::f. Click on this blue subject link (i.e. Jackson, Arkansas - Taxation). <br>
::g. In the upper left corner you will find a heading titled "Searchby" containing the term Subject Number. Under that is the heading "For" a box with a number. Copy the number in the "For" fieldbox.<br>
::h.Paste the number in template listed in #1 above replacing the number field in the template.<br>
13. Click on the Save Page button.
*If you have questions about editing, go to wiki help links under the heading [[FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Arkansas Tasks-Tax Records Other Repositories#Description|Description]].<br>
14. Mark the&nbsp;[[FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Arkansas Tasks-Tax Records Other Repositories#Assignment_Chart|Assignment Chart]] below to indicate you have finished the task. <br>