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The Mexican War was caused by the annexation of Texas by the United States in 1845. Most volunteer regiments were from southern states. Records of Mexican War veterans might exist in a state where the veteran later resided. <br>
*United States. Adjutant General’s Office. ''Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served during the Mexican War in Organizations from the State of Tennessee.'' Washington D.C.: National Archives, 1965. {{FHL|315075|item|disp=FHL films 882797-882811}}. This includes regimental returns, a record of events during the war, and company muster rolls.<br>
*Campbell, William B. [ ''Mexican War Letters of Col. William Bowen Campbell of Tennessee, Written to Governor David Campbell of Virginia, 1846-1847.'' Nashville, Tenn.: Tennessee Historical Magazine, 1915.] Free digital copy.<br>
*Furber, George C. [ ''The Twelve Months Volunteer; or, Journal of a Private in the Tennessee Regiment of Cavalry, in the Campaign in Mexico, 1846-7.'' Cincinnati, Ohio: J.A.U.P. James, 1849.] Free digital copy.<br>
*''Mexican War Index to Pension Files, 1887–1926''. (NARA T317). {{FHL|0537000|item|disp=FHL films 0537000–13}} Alphabetically arranged and includes the veteran’s name, rank, and unit; names of dependents; date of filing and application; certificate numbers; act filed under; and state from which application was made. Also available at:<br>
*Robarts, William Hugh. ''Mexican War Veterans&nbsp;: A Complete Roster of the Regular and Volunteer Troops in the War Between the United States and Mexico, from 1846-1848…'' Washington, D.C.&nbsp;: Brentano’s, 1887. {{FHL|1854496|item|disp=FHL book 973 M2rwh}} Digital version available at [ Internet Archive].<br>
Click on these links to learn more about the [[Mexican War, 1846 to 1848|Mexican War]] and about [[US Mexican War Pension Records|Mexican War pension records]]. <br>
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