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Guide to Richmond County, Georgia ancestry, family history, and genealogy birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.


Richmond County, Georgia
Map of Georgia highlighting Richmond County
Location in the state of Georgia
Founded February 5, 1777
County Seat Augusta
Address GA Richmond County Courthouse]
530 Green Street
Augusta, GA 30911-0001
Phone: 760.821.2460
Richmond County Website

County Courthouse[edit | edit source]

Richmond County Courthouse
530 Green Street
Augusta, GA 30911-0001
Phone: 760.821.2460

Clerk Superior Court has land records from 1778 and court records; Probate Court has marriage and probate records.[1]

Beginning Dates for Richmond County, Georgia Genealogy Government Records
Birth Marriage Death Census Land Probate


History[edit | edit source]

Parent County[edit | edit source]

1777--Richmond County was created 5 February 1777 from St. Paul Parish.County seat:--Augusta [2]

Boundary Changes[edit | edit source]

For animated maps illustrating Georgia county boundary changes, "Rotating Formation Georgia County Boundary Maps" (1758-1932) may be viewed for free at the website.

Variant Spellings[edit | edit source]

Record Loss[edit | edit source]

No reported loss or damage.[3]

Places/Localities[edit | edit source]

Populated Places[edit | edit source]

Neighboring Counties[edit | edit source]

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Genealogy Resources[edit | edit source]

Research Guides[edit | edit source]

African Americans[edit | edit source]

Terrell, Lloyd Preston. Blacks in Augusta: a chronology, 1741-1977 / by Lloyd P. Terrell and Marguerite S. C. Terrell. - Augusta, Ga. : Preston Publications. c 1977. 50 p. F294.A9 T47

Bible Records[edit | edit source]

Cemeteries[edit | edit source]

Richmond County, Georgia Lists at Find a Grave

Census[edit | edit source]

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Church records and the information they provide vary significantly depending on the denomination and the record keeper. They may contain information about members of the congregation, such as age, date of baptism, christening, or birth; marriage information and maiden names; and death date. For general information about Georgia denominations, see the Georgia Church Records wiki page.

St. Mary's Church, Augusta

  • 1895 - St. Mary's Church, Augusta, Marriage Index 1895. Batch M713611 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[edit | edit source]

LDS Ward and Branch Records

  • Augusta
Episcopal[edit | edit source]

Christ Church Episcopal, Augusta

  • 1887-1895 Christ Church Episcopal, Augusta, Marriage Index 1887-1895. Batch M713591 at FamilySearch - free.[4]

Church of the Atonement Episcopal, Augusta

  • 1851-1885 - Church of the Atonement Episcopal, Augusta, Baptism Index 1851-1885. Batch C713601 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1851-1895 - Church of the Atonement Episcopal, Augusta, Baptism Index 1851-1885. Batch M713601 at FamilySearch - free.[4]

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Augusta

  • 1868-1885 - St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Augusta, Baptism Index 1868-1885. Batch C713621 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1868-1885 - St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Augusta, Marriage Index 1868-1885. Batch M713621 at FamilySearch - free.[4]

Court[edit | edit source]

Genealogy[edit | edit source]

Land and Property[edit | edit source]

Template:GA Land

Local Histories[edit | edit source]

Template:GA History

  • Augusta. Augusta, Ga.: Tidwell Print. Supply Co., 1938. Digital version at Ancestry ($). See also Ancestry ($).
  • Clark, Walter A. A Lost Arcadia, or, The Story of My Old Community. Augusta, Ga.: Chronicle Job Print., 1909. Digital version at Ancestry ($).
  • Dellquest, Augustus Wilfrid. Historic Augusta: A Brief Description of the Monuments and Places of Historical Interest in and around Augusta, Ga. Augusta, Ga.: A.W. Dellquest Book Co., 1917. Digital version at Ancestry ($).
  • Jones, Charles Colcock. Memorial History of Augusta, Georgia: From Its Settlement in 1735 to the Close of the Eighteenth Century. Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & Co., 1890. Digital version at Ancestry ($).

Maps[edit | edit source]


Early migration routes to and from Richmond County for European settlers included:[5]

Military[edit | edit source]

Civil War[edit | edit source]

Regiments. Service men in Richmond County, Georgia Genealogy served in various regiments. Men often joined a company (within a regiment) that originated in their county. Listed below are companies that were specifically formed in Richmond County, Georgia Genealogy:

- 1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Company F
- 1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Ramsey's) (Confederate), Companies D and I
- 3rd Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Companies G and I
- 3rd Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters (Confederate)
- 3rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Companies G and I
- 5th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Companies A, C and N
- 9th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Company A
- 10th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Companies B, D and K
- 11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Company B
- 12th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery (Confederate), Reorganized Companies D and F
- 20th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Company K
- 22nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Company A
- 48th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Confederate), Companies C and I
- 62nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Confederate) , Company E, H and I
- Georgia USGenWeb Archives Project
  • Sheahan, John J. 1996. Military markers and data: Cemeteries located in Richmond County, Georgia. Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. film 1598370

Naturalization[edit | edit source]

Newspapers[edit | edit source]

Template:GA Newspaper abstracts

Occupations[edit | edit source]

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

Colonial courts kept some early probate records.  From 1777 to 1798 and since 1852, the court of ordinary or register of probates has kept probate and guardianship records.  The inferior court handled probate and guardianship matters from 1798 to 1852.

Many probate records to the 1930s and 1940s are at the Georgia Department of Archives and History and the Family History Library on microfilm.

Content: Probate Records may give the decedent's date of death, names of his or her spouse, children, parents, siblings, in-laws, neighbors, associates, relatives, and their place of residence.

Record types: Wills, estates, guardianships, naturalizations, marriage, adoption, and birth and death records (not all years).

Taxation[edit | edit source]

Taxes were levied on free white males over 21 and all slaves up to age 60. These persons are referred to as "polls." Tax listings, or digests, of a county generally list the taxable landowners and other polls and the amount of tax. The records for each county are divided by militia district.

Vital Records[edit | edit source]

Vital Records consist of births, adoptions, marriages, divorces, and deaths recorded on registers, certificates, and documents. A copy or an extract of most original records can be purchased from the Georgia State Department of Health , the County Clerk's office of the county where the event occurred or order electronically online.

For some online statewide indexes, see the FamilySearch Historical Record Collections for Georgia. See also How to order Georgia Vital Records

Birth[edit | edit source]
Marriage[edit | edit source]
  • 1885-1886, Marriages from old Newspapers Georgia Pioneers
  • 1801-1805 - Richmond County Marriage Index 1801-1805. Batch M713571 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1806-1863 - Richmond County Marriage Books A thru C Index 1806-1863. Batch M713572 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1806-1863 - Richmond County Marriage Books A thru C Index 1806-1863. Batch M391742 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1806-1863 - Richmond County Marriage Books A thru C Index 1806-1863. Batch M391743 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1863-1871 - Richmond County Marriage Books D thru F Index 1863-1871. Batch M713573 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1870-1875 - Richmond County Marriage Books G and H Index 1870-1875. Batch M713574 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1873-1881 - Richmond County Marriage Books I and J Index 1873-1881. Batch M713575 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1876-1887 - Richmond County Marriage Book K Index 1876-1887. Batch M713576 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1882-1886 - Richmond County Marriage Books M and O Index 1882-1886. Batch M713577 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1887-1890 - Richmond County Marriage Books P and Q Index 1887-1890. Batch M713578 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1888-1893 - Richmond County Marriage Books R and S Index 1888-1893. Batch M713579 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
  • 1894-1897 - Richmond County Marriage Books T and U Index 1894-1897. Batch M713581 at FamilySearch - free.[4]
Death[edit | edit source]
Vital Record Substitutes[edit | edit source]

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Family History Centers[edit | edit source]

Family history centers provide one-on-one assistance and free access to premium genealogical websites. In addition, many centers have free how-to genealogy classes. See family history center for more information. Search the online FHC directory for a nearby family history center.

Websites[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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