Photoduplication Services Discontinued

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Photoduplication is a service provided to FamilySearch patrons who would like copies of records or pages in books that can be found in the Family History Library, but not elsewhere. Read through this page before making a request; the form is at the bottom of the page.

Because of the high demand for these services, before making a request, be sure that you:

  • Do not have access to a local Family History Center.
  • Cannot access these records:
    **At your local Family History Center.
    **Online at or at
    - At a local library.

Family History Library Staff will consider the above criteria prior to fulfilling requests.

What Photoduplication CANNOT do:

  • Copy entire works.
    - For copyrighted materials photoduplication can only provide copies of 10 pages or 10 percent (10% ) whichever is LESS.
  • Search a film or book to see if your ancestor is on it.
    - The photoduplication department can only accept requests which have already been researched. Enough information must be included in the request so that photoduplication can go directly to the page or certificate being requested.
    - If you are uncertain which page to order you may request copies of select pages from the index of a record. You can use this index to place a second order requesting the specific pages you need.
  • Make copies of maps. 
  • Make copies of films or books which are available online.
    - This includes films or books which are viewable at a local FamilySearch Center.
  • Use links or URLs to determine which record is being requested.

PLEASE NOTE: Some books and films can only be viewed in a local FamilySearch or Family History Center. To find your nearest Family History Center, go to  where you can search for family history center locations throughout the world.

How to find out if a film or book has been digitized:

If the film or book has been digitized, YOU CAN PRINT YOUR OWN COPIES.

How to request copies of records found in Films or Books that have NOT BEEN digitized:

PLEASE LIMIT YOUR REQUEST TO FIVE (5) ITEMS PER REQUEST PER MONTH! Requests are processed in the order they are received. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Please do not re-submit your request a second time if you do not hear from us immediately.

The following information is REQUIRED to enable the Photoduplication department to locate the record and provide you with a copy:

  • Film or Fiche number, item number.
  • Name of individual you are researching.
  • Title of record and name of parents, spouse, grantor, grantee, etc.
  • Event type (Birth, Death or Marriage).
  • The event date and place.
  • Name of parish, the volume or page number, and the registration or Certificate Number.
  • The state or country of origin
  • Any other information that will be helpful in locating your record.
  • Please do not send URL links to pages.
    You may use one of the following options to send your request to us:
    E-mail your request to:
    FAX your request to: 801-240-1584
    Mail your request to: Photoduplication Unit, Family and Church History Department, 50 E North Temple St, Room 599, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-3400.
    If you do not have access to a computer, please FAX or mail your request as outlined above or you may use the Request for Photcopy Form

  • If copies need to be mailed to you, via United States Postal Services, there is a $2.00 fee per copy with a $4.00 minimum charge per order which can be paid by check or credit card. Please use the Request for Photocopy Form for copies that need to be mailed to you.
  • There is NO CHARGE for photoduplication services if the copies can be e-MAILEDto you.

If you have any questions, please call 801-240-3511or 801-240-7843.