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For Pennsylvania genealogical and historical societies which have records and services to help you with your research, see the "Archives and Libraries," "Church Records," "Genealogy," and "Periodicals" sections. Many counties also have local historical and genealogical societies. You can find local society addresses by using directories cited in the "Societies" section of the United States Research Outline or by an internet search engine with terms such as "Pennsylvania, Genealogy, and Society."

Pennsylvania has many historical and genealogical societies. Most collect historical documents of local interest, publish periodicals, and have special projects and indexes. The library has records for a number of societies in Pennsylvania, including the following:

The Grand Army of the Republic (based on Union Army service during the Civil War) has produced Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Pennsylvania, Record of Eligibility of Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Pennsylvania 1883-1992 (Family History Library films 1888615-16). This source helps locate records of military personnel as well as the genealogy of the applicants.

The Colonial Society of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, is open to individuals who have an ancestor in colonial America. See Colonial Society of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Applications for Membership in Alphabetical Order by Member With a Complete Genealogy Back to Original Ancestor (Family History Library films 532056-73).

The purpose of the Huguenot Society of Pennsylvania is to perpetuate the memory of the Huguenots. Members of the society include descendants of Huguenot families immigrating to America before November 1787 and anyone who has made the Huguenots a subject of research papers, etc. The society was organized in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1918. They published:

Huguenot Society of Pennsylvania, (series) vols. 1- 15 (Norristown, PA.: The Society, 1918-1939) and the continuation Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of Pennsylvania, v. 16-39 (Norristown, PA.: The Society, 1942-1967; Family History Library book 974.8 C4h; film for v. 1-3 and 7-9 is 1697274 item 5-6).

Also see:

  • Sons of the American Revolution. Pennsylvania Society. Patriots Index; Members and Ancestors, 1893-1993. Monongahela, PA: PASSAR, 1995. (Family History Library book 974.8 C42sar.)

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