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Court records will probably mention some of your ancestors as defendants, plaintiffs, jurors, or witnesses. Court records can establish family relationships and places of residence. They often provide occupations, descriptions of individuals, and other family information. They seldom provide birth, marriage, or death information.

Most researchers use court records after they have investigated other records. Court records tend to be difficult to use since few are indexed, the handwriting is hard to read, and they include unfamiliar legal terms. To interpret court records, you may need to consult a dictionary.

The India Office Records maintains records that are arranged in classes according to the departments or agencies that carried out the functions of the India Office and its predecessor institutions. Each class of records has been assigned a place in an alphabetical sequence, and the following paragraphs on this page describe briefly the function of administration and type of records in each class. For each class there is available, in the Asian and African Studies Reading Room, a full list of the records by series. Summary lists of the records in each class are available through this page. To see the summary list of records in any class, go to the section on this page which describes that class of records, and then select again the alphabetical code in the section heading (for example L/P&S).


Divorce Records

When divorce papers in Pakistan are submitted by the wife for khula from court and have a valid decree of a family court, it still does not means that the wife is divorced. Taking a decree from the court only means that the divorce have been announced by the court. A Pakistani wife is legally considered to be divorced only on the day when a Pakistani divorce certificate is issued from NADRA after the divorce processes in Pakistan. A husband submits divorce papers in Pakistan to any Arbitration Council/ Union council and applies for a divorce certificate. After the divorce is processed, the husband is issued a Pakistani divorce certificate which is a NADRA divorce certificate. When a husband submits the divorce papers in Pakistan, the submission nor any part of the process is yet considered a divorce. A male husband is considered to be divorced only on the day after NADRA divorce certificate is issued. 

Pakistan General Divorce Decree.png
Pakistan SindhDivorce Certificate.png

Divorce Certificate issue by the Council.

Pakistan Punjab Divorce Certificate.png