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{{Missouri-stub}} &nbsp;''[[United States|United States&nbsp;]] &gt; [[Missouri|Missouri]]&nbsp;&gt; Osage County'' <br>
{{Missouri-stub}} &nbsp;''[[United States|United States&nbsp;]] &gt; [[Missouri|Missouri]]&nbsp;&gt; Osage County'' <br>  
== County Courthouse  ==
== County Courthouse  ==
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==== Boundary Changes  ====
==== Boundary Changes  ====
==== Record Loss ====
==== Record Los ====
== {{US county navigation box
== Places / Localities  ==
| county = Osage County
| state = Missouri
| collapse_state = {{{collapse_state|collapsed}}}
| template_name = Osage County, Missouri
| color = #ccf
| map_image = Madison_County_Illinois.png
| map_size = 100x100
| seat = Linn
| title1 = Townships
{{Osage County, Missouri}}  
| body1 =
[[Benton Township, Osage County, Missouri|Benton]]{{·}}
[[Alton Township, Madison County, Illinois|Alton]]{{·}}
[[Chouteau Township, Madison County, Illinois|Chouteau]]{{·}}
[[Collinsville Township, Madison County, Illinois|Collinsville]]{{·}}
[[Edwardsville Township, Madison County, Illinois|Edwardsville]]{{·}}
[[Fort Russell Township, Madison County, Illinois|Fort Russell]]{{·}}
[[Foster Township, Madison County, Illinois|Foster]]{{·}}
[[Godfrey Township, Madison County, Illinois|Godfrey]]{{·}}
[[Granite City Township, Madison County, Illinois|Granite City]]{{·}}
[[Hamel Township, Madison County, Illinois|Hamel]]{{·}}
[[Helvetia Township, Madison County, Illinois|Helvetia]]{{·}}
[[Jarvis Township, Madison County, Illinois|Jarvis]]{{·}}
[[Leef Township, Madison County, Illinois|Leef]]{{·}}
[[Marine Township, Madison County, Illinois|Marine]]{{·}}
[[Moro Township, Madison County, Illinois|Moro]]{{·}}
[[Nameoki Township, Madison County, Illinois|Nameoki]]{{·}}
[[New Douglas Township, Madison County, Illinois|New Douglas]]{{·}}
[[Olive Township, Madison County, Illinois|Olive]]{{·}}
[[Omphghent Township, Madison County, Illinois|Omphghent]]{{·}}
[[Pin Oak Township, Madison County, Illinois|Pin Oak]]{{·}}
[[Saline Township, Madison County, Illinois|Saline]]{{·}}
[[St. Jacob Township, Madison County, Illinois|St. Jacob]]{{·}}
[[Venice Township, Madison County, Illinois|Venice]]{{·}}
[[Wood River Township, Madison County, Illinois|Wood River]]
| title2 = Cities
<br> '''To see a list of places in Madison County, click on [Show], in the bar above.'''
| body2 =
[[Alton, Illinois|Alton]]{{·}}
[[Collinsville, Illinois|Collinsville]]{{·}}
[[Edwardsville, Illinois|Edwardsville]]{{·}}
[[Granite City, Illinois|Granite City]]{{·}}
[[Highland, Illinois|Highland]]{{·}}
[[Madison, Illinois|Madison]]{{·}}
[[Troy, Illinois|Troy]]{{·}}
[[Venice, Illinois|Venice]]{{·}}
[[Wood River, Illinois|Wood River]]
| title3 = Villages
| body3 =
[[Alhambra, Illinois|Alhambra]]{{·}}
[[Bethalto, Illinois|Bethalto]]{{·}}
[[East Alton, Illinois|East Alton]]{{·}}
[[Fairmont City, Illinois|Fairmont City]]{{·}}
[[Glen Carbon, Illinois|Glen Carbon]]{{·}}
[[Godfrey, Illinois|Godfrey]]{{·}}
[[Grantfork, Illinois|Grantfork]]{{·}}
[[Hamel, Illinois|Hamel]]{{·}}
[[Hartford, Illinois|Hartford]]{{·}}
[[Livingston, Illinois|Livingston]]{{·}}
[[Marine, Illinois|Marine]]{{·}}
[[Maryville, Illinois|Maryville]]{{·}}
[[New Douglas, Illinois|New Douglas]]{{·}}
[[Pontoon Beach, Illinois|Pontoon Beach]]{{·}}
[[Roxana, Illinois|Roxana]]{{·}}
[[South Roxana, Illinois|South Roxana]]{{·}}
[[St. Jacob, Illinois|St. Jacob]]{{·}}
[[Williamson, Illinois|Williamson]]{{·}}
[[Worden, Illinois|Worden]]
| title4 = Unincorporated<br>Communities
| body4 =
[[Cloverleaf, Illinois|Cloverleaf]]{{·}}
[[Cottage Hills, Illinois|Cottage Hills]]{{·}}
[[Dorsey, Illinois|Dorsey]]{{·}}
[[Dunlap Lake, Illinois|Dunlap Lake]]{{·}}
[[Eagle Park, Illinois|Eagle Park]]{{·}}
[[Glen, Illinois|Glen]]{{·}}
[[Holiday Shores, Illinois|Holiday Shores]]{{·}}
[[Kaufman, Illinois|Kaufman]]{{·}}
[[Lumaghi Heights, Illinois|Lumaghi Heights]]{{·}}
[[Mitchell, Illinois|Mitchell]]{{·}}
[[Peters, Illinois|Peters]]{{·}}
[[Prairietown, Illinois|Prairietown]]{{·}}
[[Rosewood, Illinois|Rosewood]]{{·}}
[[Rosewood Heights, Illinois|Rosewood Heights]]{{·}}
[[State Park Place, Illinois|State Park Place]]
| title5 = Neighboring<BR>Illinois Counties
| body5 =
[[Bond County, Illinois|Bond]]{{·}}
[[Clinton County, Illinois|Clinton]]{{·}}
[[Jersey County, Illinois|Jersey]]{{·}}
[[Macoupin County, Illinois|Macoupin]]{{·}}
[[Montgomery County, Illinois|Montgomery]]{{·}}
[[St. Clair County, Illinois|St. Clair]]
| title6 = Neighboring<br>Missouri Counties
| body6 =
[[St. Charles County, Missouri|St. Charles]]{{·}}
[[St. Louis County, Missouri|St. Louis]]
}}<noinclude>[[Category:Illinois county navigational boxes|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Madison County, Illinois| ]]</noinclude> ==
== Resources  ==
== Resources  ==
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== References  ==
== References  ==
<references />
<references /> {{Missouri|Missouri}}

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County Courthouse[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Parent County[edit | edit source]

1841--Osage County was created 29 January 1841 from Gasconade County. County seat: Linn [1]

Boundary Changes[edit | edit source]

Record Los[edit | edit source]

Places / Localities[edit | edit source]

To see a list of places in Madison County, click on [Show], in the bar above.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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Societies and Libraries[edit | edit source]

Web Sites[edit | edit source]

  • USGenWeb project. May have maps, name indexes, history or other information for this county. Select the state, then the county.
  • Family History Library Catalog

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America,10th ed. (Draper, UT:Everton Publishers, 2002).