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Order Certificates Online[edit | edit source]

It is possible to order copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates online from Spain through the website of the Ministry of Justice (Ministerio de Justicia). To order copies of these vital records click on the corresponding link below:

Birth Certificate or Certificado de Nacimiento.

Marriage Certificate or Certificado de Matrimonio

Death Certificate or Certificado de Defunción

Before going to the website you will need to determine in which autonomous community and province your ancestor’s event took place. Click here to see a list of provinces and their corresponding autonomous communities.

Once you have determined this information you can visit the website to order the desired certificate. Begin by choosing the Comunidad Autónoma [Autonomous Community] and the Provincia [Province] click Continuar [Continue] to choose the city. All fields marked with an asterisk * are required.

Tipo de Certificación [Type of Certificate] – Always choose Literal for an exact copy of what is written in the certificate.

Finalidad del certificado [Purpose for the certificate] Leave this blank or put in the word trámites, meaning for formal purposes.

Datos de la persona sobre la que se solicita la certificación [Information about the person whose certificate you are requesting]

  • Nombre [First Name]
  • Primer apellido [Paternal surname]
  • Segundo apellido [Maternal surname] Optional
  • Nombre del padre [Name of father] This can be just a first name. Optional
  • Nombre de la madre [Name of the mother] This can be just a first name. Optional

Datos registrales del hecho: [Information relating to the event]

  • Tomo [Book or Volume] If you don’t know, put in desc for unknown.
  • Folio [Page] if you don’t know, put in desc for unknown.
  • Municipio del hecho [Town in which the event took place]
  • Fecha del hecho [Date in which the event took place]

Datos del solicitante: [Information about the person requesting the certificate]

  • Nombre [First Name]
  • Primer apellido [Paternal surname]
  • Segundo apellido [Maternal surname] Optional
  • D. N. I. o semejante [Passport or government issued ID number]
  • Email [Email]
  • Telefono de contacto [Telephone number]

Be sure to check the box next to Al realizar la solicitud telemática acepta la recepción de información relacionada con su solicitud por correo electrónico. This tells them that you are willing to receive the information about your request electronically.

  • Domicilio: [Home address information]
  • Tipo via [Type of street] This refers to street, drive, highway, etc
  • Nombre Via [Name of the street, drive, highway, etc]
  • Número (Km) House number
  • Piso [Floor, if you live in an apartment building] Optional
  • Puerta [Door] Optional
  • Codigo Postal [Postal zip code]
  • Localidad [City or town]
  • Provincia [Province, department, or state]
  • Pais [Country]

¿Cómo desea recibir el certificado solicitado? [How do you wish to receive the requested certificate?]

  • Por correo postal en la direccion señalada por el solicitante [Via regular mail through the postal service]
  • Recoger personalmente en Registro Civil [Pick it up personally in the Civil Registration office]

Número de Certificaciones que se solicitan: [How many copies would you like?]

  • Una [One]
  • Dos [Two]
  • Tres [Three]

Once you have filled out the form click on Enviar [Send] to send the form. The next screen will confirm your request. Review all the information and correct any errors indicated.

You will then click on Enviar [Send]. A new screen will pop up with the following:

  • Su solicitud ha sido procesada con éxito. Cualquier consulta sobre esta solicitud deberá indicar la clave de identificación. Para resolver cualquier duda, diríjase al registro civil de: [Name of town] [Your request has been processed successfully. Any questions regarding this request must be accompanied by the identification key. For any queries, please contact the civil registration office of [name of town] Followed by the email address of the civil Registration office in the town.
  • Numero de Entrada al Registro [Entry number of the request]
  • Clave de identificación [Identification key]

IMPORTANT: Write this information down or print the page to save a copy of the request, the identification key, and the email address of the Civil Registration office of the town.

To find the address of a Civil Registration office in Spain visit the Direcciones y telefonos page of the Ministry of Justice. You may search by name of the municipality, name of the judicial district, or by choosing the province and seeing a list of all the offices available for that province.

Online Class[edit | edit source]

If you understand Spanish, you may view an online class explaining the process.