Ocate, Mora County, New Mexico, Cemeteries

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Calhoun Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:          Naranjos, NM. 87734

Location:         Off State Road 120 between Wagon Mound, NM., and Ocate, NM., south of Naranjos, NM.

                       Take first road north of the intersection of County Road 23 and 120.  The cemetery is .5 miles west of the

                       the intersection with this road and county road 23, about 5 miles north of 120.

                       Cemetery is: 4.8 miles from Naranjos, .7 miles from Mora ranch airport, 9.4 miles from Ocate.

Elevation:         2122 meters = 6,960 feet

GPS:               Latitude: 36.15280 N      Longitude: -104.91360 W

Map:                Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,


Interments:      5

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Halls Peak Cemetery
[edit | edit source]

Address:          Los LeFebres, NM  (Historical town is Halls Peak) 87734

Location:          Northwest of Ocate on State road 120, towards Los LeFebres, NM. Just beyond the left turn to Los LeFebres,

                       turn right (north) on Can Bon Road (3.2 miles from Ocate), and cemetery is about 1.5 miles from State

                       road 120 on the left (west) side. The cemetery is 4.7 miles from main intersection in Ocate, NM.

Elevation:         2,316 meters = 7,598 feet

GPS:               Latitude: 36.2325457 N      Longitude: -105.0768564 W

Map:                Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,


Interments:      16

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Naranjos Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:                 Naranjos, NM

Location:                 Between  Ocate and Wagon Mound on State Road 120. South of Naranjos on the west side.


GPS:                      Latitude: 36.15850 N      Longitude: -104.97857 W

Map:                       Interactive Map 1,


Interments:              10

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Nuestro Padre de Jesus Cemetery / Los Hueros Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:          Los Hueros, NM

Location:          Going south of Ocate, NM., between Ocate and Ojo Feliz, on State Road 442  about 2 miles, take Los

                       Hueros Road, to the right (north). Go past Los Hueros, about 1 mile.


GPS:               Latitude:  N Longitude:  W

Map:                Interactive Map 1,


Interments:      1

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Ocate Catholic Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:            Ocate, NM 87734

Location:           Ocate is northwest of Wagon Mound, NM., at the intersection of State Roads 120 and 442. The cemetery

                         is northeast of the intersection, south of the housing, in the middle of the field.

Elevation:          2,197 meters = 7,206 feet

GPS:                Latitude: 36.17560 N      Longitude: -105.04750 W

Map:                 Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,


Interments:      3

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Strong Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:            Ocate, NM.  87734

Location:            East of Ocate, NM., off State road 120. First short road on the left, go north. North , over the hill.

                         the cemetery is 1.9 miles from Ocate, NM.

Elevation:           2,179 meters = 7,147 feet

GPS:                 Latitude: 36.18000 N      Longitude: -105.02080 W

Map:                  Interactive Map 1,  Map 2, Map 3,



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