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Diocesan Historical Archive of León
Telephone: (505) 311 4221
Website: Diocesan Historical Archive of León
Website #2: The treasures of the Diocesan Archive of León

The archive contains some of the oldest surviving records in Nicaragua. Leon Archivo Histórico Diocesano also houses marriage records for much of Nicaragua dating back to 1783, when it was an ecclesiastical seat.

Central American Archives
Center for Research Libraries
6050 S. Kenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637-2804
Telephone: (800) 621-6044/(773) 955-4545
Website: Central American Archives
Website #2: Central American Archives

These archives encompass six million pages of original primary source documents (many of which are unique copies) spanning more than three centuries, from 1519 to 1898. They document Spanish rule in the New World from the founding of the city of Antigua, in Guatemala. The collection documents all aspects of commerce, politics, and development throughout El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Yucatan and Chiapas regions of Mexico. Central American Archives is a rich resource for Latin American, Central American, and Spanish studies.

Center for Regional Research of Mesoamerica (CIRMA)
5a. Calle Oriente No. 5
La Antigua, Sacatepéquez
Telephone: (502) 7931-0300
Website: Historical Archive
Website #2: Center for Mesoamerican Research
Website #3: Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamérica (CIRMA)

The Historical Archive has as its main purpose to protect part of the country's historical memory through the rescue, organization, conservation and dissemination of documentary archives. The materials come from non-governmental institutions and private collections and are presented in different formats (paper, digital, microfilm, audio and video). These archives, some unique and others little known, enrich the national historical legacy and offer different points of view of Guatemalan society over time. Its collections, some of which are recognized as the nation's cultural heritage, date from the 16th century to the present, with an emphasis on the contemporary period starting in 1944. It currently houses 135 collections made up of more than eight million documents.


BICU Library System
Av Universitaria
Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University (BICU)
Telephone: (505) 2572 1116
Website: Sistema de Bibliotecas BICU
Website #2: Sistema de Bibliotecas
Website #3: BICU Library System

Dr. Roberto Incer Library
Km. 7 1/2, Carretera Sur Vía Panamericana
Telephone: (505) 2255 7171/2265 0500
Website: Roberto Incer Barquero Library
Website #2: Dr. Roberto Incer Barquero Library

Fidel Coloma Library
22 Av Suroeste
Website: Fidel Coloma Library

German Nicaraguan Library
Telephone: (505) 2266 7253
Website: Bibliobús Bertolt Brecht and the German-Nicaraguan Library

Humanities Library UNAN-León
Juan de Dios Muñoz National Technological Street
Website: Biblioteca Educación y Humanidades, UNAN - León

Municipal Library Manolo Cuadra
Website: Municipal Library Manolo Cuadra

National Library Rubén Darío
Plaza de la Republica
Telephone: (505) 868 60161
Website: National Library Rubén Darío
Website #2: National Library of Nicaragua Rubén Darío

Ruben Dario Municipal Library
Telephone: (505) 868 60161
Website: Ruben Dario Municipal Library

SJDS Library
San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Móvil
Apartado Postal 17
San Juan del Sur
Telephone: (505) 8877 7791/2568 2446
Email #2:
Email #3:
Website: SJDS Biblioteca
Website #2: San Juan Del Sur Biblioteca Publica y Móvil


Chorotega Nicarao Enrique Berio Mantica Museum
Maroon, Chinandega
Telephone: (505) 2341 2491 Ext. 121/575 0051
Website: Chorotega Nicarao Enrique Berio Mantica Museum
Website #2: Chorotega Nicarao Museum "Enrique Berio Mantica"

Objectives: Contribute to the strengthening of the culture and education of the Chinandegana society. Tribute to the ancestral peoples of Nicaragua, the Chorotegas and Nicaraos.

CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum
Telephone: (505) 2572 2735
Website: CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum
Website #2: Bicu-Cidca
Website #3: CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum

CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum of the Caribbean Coast BICU – CIDCA is recognized as the space that promotes, conserves and emphasize the cultural and historical researches about the Nicaraguan Caribbean Region in the city of Bluefields since 1982.

Museum of Anthropology and History of Rivas
Escuela Nacional de Ingeniería
1 block East, 1 ½ block North
Rivas, Managua
Telephone: (505) 2563 3708
Website: Museum of Anthropology and History of Rivas
Website #2: Rivas Museum of History and Anthropology

The building functions as a museum that has interesting expositions in several rooms. The first room is the largest one and here you can find exhibits of pre-Columbian pottery that was recovered or dug up during expeditions. In another room full of paintings the most representative legends of Rivas are depicted.

National Museum of Nicaragua
Palacio de la Cultura
4 Calle Noreste
Website: National Museum of Nicaragua
Website #2: National Museum
Website #3: National Museum of Nicaragua
Website #4: National Museum of Nicaragua

The National Museum of Nicaragua houses many fascinating old artifacts and artworks. Its paintings date from the Pre-Columbian period and it also has statuettes and ceramics as well as a great variety of other artworks.

Pre-Columbian Museum of Chagüitillo
Villa Chagüitillo
Telephone: (505) 5755 9148
Website: Pre-Columbian Museum of Chagüitillo

The Pre-Columbian museum in Chagüitillo is one of the most interesting places in the area of Sébaco to learn more about the rich history of this region. In the zone of Chagüitillo (a small settlement 4 kilometers from the city of Sébaco) there are several archeological sites where hundreds of petroglyphs and other ancient objects can be found.

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